Get the exotic look for under $1000 with these mini bags

Compared to fall, spring’s textures can be a bit…down-market. We love raffia and canvas as much as anyone else, but naturally, we love snakeskin and leather even more. So what’s the secret to incorporating successfully what might feel like a heavy material into your warm-weather wardrobe? Why, a mini crossbody bag, of course. (That’s the answer to a lot of spring and summer bag problems, trust me.) The only other problem with exotics in particular, of course, is that it’s a look that tends to cost an arm and a leg; fortunately, it doesn’t have to.

We’ve taken the liberty of assembling a quick-reference list of ten exotic (or “exotic,” in some instances) bags that will give you a luxe look all the way through to fall without weighing you down or looking season-inappropriate. We found as many genuine snake pieces as we could and filled in the rest of the list with the most expensive-looking embossed leather we could find for the price. Check out our picks below!

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