Anya Hindmarch Burton Python Clutch

So what if my sister and I are clutch obsessed? I really am just handbag obsessed across the board, which of course is why Purse Blog exists today. You know how there are people that own a warehouse full of cars? I want a closet that is warehouse sized full of bags. No, I would never be able to carry them all. But I would peruse the aisles and pick up and marvel at each and every bag. The warehouse of bags was an exaggeration, maybe just a large walk-in closet?! And all I would have to decide is if I wanted to separate the bags by designer or silhouette. Again, if I had that warehouse I could do it by silhouette from designer, but I am trying to be much more realistic. I think by shape. So there would be my clutches, glorious clutches! My holy grail clutch/wallet is my Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in alligator (I am obsessed!!!!). I have a few python clutches, I need an ostrich clutch, and the leather array is large. But I need a funky modern clutch, and I found the perfect fit for my someday closet full of bags.

The pink, beige, and black python skin stands out and makes a statement on the Anya Hindmarch Burton Python Clutch. This clutch is an attention grabber, a talk of the party, but still a stunning elegant piece. The shiny python will stand out and grab light from all directions and the framed top will give a polished finish. The inside is lined with black suede and has a small pouch pocket. Again, for my clutch section of my future dream closet, there will be a spot for this Anya Hindmarch bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $995.

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  • mette

    I like the shape and the color combination of this python clutch. There is just enough of everything. But where are the make-up bags? There are so few presented. It is not much fun to carry a fine bag and pull out ? where your cosmetics are.

    • I will be on the hunt for that now!

    • Any favorites? I am always looking for a good make up bag!

  • mette

    Something elegant,maybe even exotics,but in a color that doesn´t steal attention from the main bag,not too small and not too large either. I´m sure you know what I mean Megs!

  • That is a very good point Mette. I am in a constant search for the perfect cosmetic bag.

  • Mimi

    Loving this clutch…WOW!

  • Love it!! The color combo is beautiful :)

  • It’s not quite an exotic but I love my black Fendi makeup bag. It’sbthe perfect size and shape a minimal hardware so it’s lightweight. And oh yeah, SUPER EASY to clean

  • mette

    I just remembered that YSL had a croc cosmetic case some time ago on their US online shop. Living here in Europe I have not a chance to order one. I´m sure they have cases in their shops, but the nearest shop is in Berlin where I usually do my shopping via phone.

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