New Year's Eve Clutches

With Christmas fast approaching and the opportunity to shop for gifts drawing to a close, lots of online retailers are beginning to refocus themselves for New Year’s Eve preparations. Traditionally, year-end festivities are a time for glitzy dresses and disco-ball-inspired accessories, and if you’re looking to bedazzle yourself head-to-toe in bling, then mazel tov – this is exactly the occasion to indulge your inner magpie. If, like me, you consider glitter and rhinestones to be a part of your everyday life already and want to look a little different than the crowd on New Year’s Eve, we’ve got a few suggestions. (We’re just full of suggestions these days.)

Just like short, tight and sequined is a predictable NYE choice, so is small, boxy and silver or gold. To combat predictability, we’ve selected three clutches at three very different price points that still give you the glitzy evening look without screaming “New Year’s Eve.” Check ‘em out below and let us know what you plan on carrying for your year-end celebrations!

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  • Lynnie

    Alexander McQueen always makes the most gorgeous clutches!

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