To say that the Marchesa aesthetic is distinctive would be a massive understatement; season after season, the brand creates over-the-top, elaborately feminine evening wear and cocktail dresses that are as architecturally impressive as they are glitteringly ornate. Ruching, draping, beading, laser-cutting – not only might it all appear in one collection, but it might all appear in one dress. Marchesa’s handbags have a lot of visual splendor to live up to.

And mostly, they do a fine job of it. Marchesa’s Fall 2011 Handbags are exactly what you’d expect them to be, but with a few new shapes thrown in to expand on the brand’s first handbag outing. The exotics are of particular interest; I’d love to see Marchesa make day bags, and it looks as the the designers’ feel for crocodile may be pointing in that direction. Or maybe I’m just hoping that if I say it out loud, it’ll eventually come true.

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  • kemilia

    I love the sparklies!

    I cannot help it–it started when my mother sewed sequins on my tutu when I was 5 (I was a strawberry)–I imprinted to sparkly stuff, I guess.

  • edoardo

    These bags are so cute, they show all the ability fo Marches’s designers!

  • Blaine

    These are so Great Gatsby/Daisy Buchanan – I can’t wait for Fall!!

  • Mochababe73

    I guess that I am the lone dissenter. I am underwhelmed. They all just seem done before.

  • rose60610

    Very pretty collection.

  • Kelly


  • belle

    These are all so lovely!

  • 19yearslater

    Number 12 is pretty, but I don’t have too many occasions to carry fancy evening bags.

  • Rina Red

    Lovely collections! I love all of them!

  • Lynne

    I love most of them.
    Is that a piece of natural crystal? Or a piece of glass?

  • Chele

    I’m not feeling most of these bags but I do like the rock crystal (?) clasp.

  • MizzJ

    What is it with women and shiny things I wonder? I am drooling over this entirely OTT and impractical collection. They truly hit the nail on its head with this collection, which totally echoes the evening wear aesthetic. Good job Marchesa!