Wedding Clutches Spring 2014

New York got its first real taste of spring weather over the weekend, and while the city basket in warmth, you could almost hear the rustle of tulle liberated from closets and the clack of pearls pulled out of jewelry boxes. Wedding season: it’s here.

Weddings bring up a whole host of dressing quandaries for everyone from brides to plus-ones, and although we can’t solve all of them for you, we can tell you what you should be carrying alongside your gown, bridesmaid frock or sundress. From the sweetly traditional to the aggressively literal, check out the year’s best wedding bags below.

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  • Jesica

    Drool! The McQueen & Bottega are both TDF.

  • Petra B.

    If I were a bride, I’d totally rock that McQueen clutch. So fierce!

    • shueaddict

      Dah’ling, it is worth getting married for that reason alone … In fact I might have to do it again.

  • shueaddict

    Love your pick for something blue.
    Not much out of a wedding outfit gets a second use (I had to wait 13 years for white shoes to become trendy ;-) – so I could wear my white Jimmy Choos one more time last year).
    So it might as well be a killer clutch (drool on McQueen) – you can definitely wear it at other weddings in the future – but Eddie Parker ? How awkward would that be ;-) ?

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