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  • metz

    Thank you!

  • kamm

    i love this clutch! i actually didn’t love her ensemble until i saw it paired with the bag. sassy!

  • I actually do own one in hot pink snake skin. Love it!

  • Penelopeb

    Great Article!! Love the clutch spotting at the Golden Globes.

  • Abbi

    I love helena bohnam carter and her quirky style always different! Also love Rachel Weisz and Alyssa Milano’s choices-bold and not so predictable like a lot of others….

  • louch

    I would love to own a clutch but alas, never would get to use it. If I could just get me an invite to the GG’s or Oscars!! Dream on.

  • anouk

    i’m for structured and minimalism….hency my heart goes to Kristen Wiig’s and Kate Hudson’s! i love it! i’ve got 4 or 6 clutches in my collection from Gucci, Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Donna Karan, Tory Burch and one Malaysian brand which escapes me now…I stop collecting cuz I prefer profits hence, i want to invest on properties now.

    • anouk


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