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I’ve already explained how much I love Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall 2011 Handbags, but with the advent of some more detailed stock photos to add to the conversation, I feel like it bears repeating: These bags (and the huge selection of clutches in particular) are genuinely quite good, and at a more reasonable price point than many brands with such a well-known name offer. From embellished box clutches to big everyday bags, DVF has something in a color and texture that could suit nearly anyone’s taste.

And that’s probably what draws me to this line – instead of just a group of nice bags, it feels like a complete accessories wardrobe for the quintessential DVF girl. That takes a good bit of thought and planning on the part of a design team, which usually means that the individual pieces were also carefully considered and created with an aesthetic purpose in mind. But enough about that nonsense, which is probably the type of thing that only fashion writers care about. Most of these bags are really cute. Enough said. (more…)

It takes any handbag line a couple of seasons after launch to find its true voice, but being the industry veteran that she is, Diane von Furstenberg’s accessories collection seems to have found its niche in record time. The brand had a breakout hit with the Stephanie in its first season and has continued to produce well-priced favorites since then, but of all the choices, DVF’s Harper bags have always been my favorites. The addition of a tote to the line only further cements that feeling.

The Diane von Furstenberg Harper Leather Satchel is the kind of bag that we routinely praise around here: Functional, neutral, but with enough interesting details so that it doesn’t fade into that background as another purse that sacrificed aesthetics for utility. This is a Fall 2011 bag, so you’ll have to wait until July for delivery, but take it from someone who knows about waiting for a pre-order all too well: When your perfect new bag arrives one day, it’ll all be worth it. (more…)

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I have to give you all a peek at my newest addition to my handbag family, my Diane von Furstenberg Medium Stephanie in navy. You all recently saw my large version of this bag, and my love for it only deepens with the addition of the medium size. (more…)

For Spring 2011, we see Diane von Furstenberg emphasizing much more on her bags and accessories line, which we welcome very much. We see many new bags, as well as some old ones with new features. The popular Stephanie relies now on much lighter leather, making it much more wearable than the previous interation (which was a bit of a weighty pig, if I may say so). While the Harper gets the suede treatment, DvF brings back old print patterns from the mid-70s for fun vintage accessories.

Enjoy a look at the current DvF offerings for Spring, soon we will be looking at some of our favorites in greater detail. Click to view the gallery!

Earlier this week we popped into the Diane von Furstenberg showroom to see all of the amazing accessories arriving soon (we have a huge spring look for you all coming tomorrow). DvF continues to nudge her way into the competitive handbag market effortlessly, bringing fresh designs that are grabbing attention. (more…)

With every season, it seems as though Diane von Furstenberg gets more and more serious about this whole handbag thing. Almost every look of Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2011 had a corresponding tote, shoulder bag or clutch, and the majority of them were the kinds of bags that you want to start incorporating into wardrobe immediately without waiting the requisite six months for them to arrive at retail.

In keeping with last season, von Furstenberg’s small shoulder bags and clutches are by far her best work; the diminutive size and more rigid structure allows the designer’s signature mix of textures, colors and prints to be vividly realized in wearable doses. If you’re sick of taking a black clutch to every party on your calendar, DVF has about a dozen alternatives for you, all of which will likely be less than $600 when they reach retail. Back off the cerulean Harper Day Bag, though – that one is mine. (more…)

Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t care who makes them, I’m never, ever wearing gauchos again. The voluminous short pants had a resurgence back when I was in college, and I’ve seen enough pictures of myself and others from that year that I know better than to be fooled (again) into thinking that gauchos are a good idea. Not even the fancy gauchos from Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2011 can make me reconsider that decision. It’s final.

Luckily, DvF provided plenty of other drool-worthy options in her Wild West-tinged show. As always, color and pattern abounded, but some of the most interesting looks were the most monochromatic. Head-to-toe cerulean or seafoam in textures ranging from silk to wool to fur might be a difficult prospect for the average woman, but then again, when has Diane von Furstenberg ever dressed average women? (more…)

Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of February Fashion Week. We all heard Rachel Zoe’s hubby lament over this fact and right now I might possibly lament over it as well. Granted I am not super Valentine’s Day obsessed, but I like some flowers, chocolates, and a nice romantic dinner. This year we will be hectic and busy with Fashion Week which means my Valentine’s Day gift might as well be fashion-related, say a handbag (ok, you can give me a handbag any time of the year and I will love it!).

The last big hit we covered from Diane von Furstenberg in the handbag world was the many reincarnations of the Stephanie. The next bag from DvF that is supposed to be a hit is the Harper Daybag. Amanda already covered Valentine’s Day goodies for all the ladies, but I need to add this bag to the list. (more…)

So I’ve been staring at this bag for a while. I continue to look at it and all that pops into my mind is Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving table is always decorated appropriately and I feel like this year I could add this DvF bag into the centerpiece and it would work beautifully. I’m not quite sure that is a good thing for the bag though.

In fact, we have seen a different reincarnation of this bag previously – in which majority of you deemed it crazy. But this version of the Diane von Furstenberg Piper Day Bag is designed with the right color scheme in mind. And that might be its saving grace. (more…)

I think I know how this one is going to turn out, but in the spirit of Friday, let’s have a poll!

The Diane Von Furstenberg Piper Sequined Shoulder Bag is a lot of look, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn. Sequins, feathers, multicolor metallic leather, studs, two straps…the design has a lot of competing visual ideas on a rather modestly sized bag, and my first reaction reflected that pretty accurately. But sometimes, stuff that seems totally awful is actually just weird enough to work, on the right girl. Standing out in a crowded contemporary handbag market takes some guts, which this bag has in spades, but I’m just not sure that the ends justify the means in this case in particular. What do you think? Vote and let us know in the comments.

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