Ladies, we need your help. More specifically, our moderator Jill needs your help. Jill is currently in a little bit of a tight spot. Her SA was kind enough to provide her with two pictures of the Dior Rebelle, in both camel and chocolate brown. Which one should she go for? Personally, I think the choc is quite delicious, what do you think?

Dior Rebelle Bag

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Erika

    i’d go for the chocolate one too. it seems more classy to me

  • Fids

    Isn’t there a white one in this too? I love the white one though…

  • Melody

    I’d go for the chocolate as well.

  • Sybil

    Definitely chocolate!

  • Suzanne

    My vote is for the chocolate– but the camel is a nice fallback color.

  • Sharon

    Definetly chocolate!

  • Shannyn

    I like the chocolate. The chocolate color looks richer and would probably age better.

  • thanni

    I prefer the camel.But Choc is nice too. Difficult choice.

  • steph

    Oh please get both and give me that chocolate one!

  • Sadaf

    Normally, I love chocolate colored bags, but here, the camel is definitely the winner. It looks especially striking against the black outfit.

  • Zub

    Definetely the choc one, hon, no doubt about it…

  • tracey

    the camel, hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mojo

    Have you gals seen the khaki one? it’s in suede and leather combination – gorgeous!!!!

  • Designer Ella

    The chocolate because it contrasts more with the hardware, making the details come out more!

  • Naggy

    This is too ho-hum. (ipad)

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