If you are a fan of Dior handbags, we may be continuously letting you down. Personally, I do not think Dior does a horrid job with their handbag line, but I also am not moved often enough about their handbags and purses to write about them. On the flip side, I am not moved so horridly that I must discuss what a major flop their bags are either. That means my feeling about Dior bags looms somewhere in the middle ground.

Dior Demi Lune Small Flap Bag

If I keep my personal feeling about smaller shoulder bags out of this review, I find myself liking the Dior Demi Lune Small Flap Bag. The leather is no doubt super supple and the twisted shoulder strap gives a dramatic touch. The foldover with pleated detail and silver hardware also adds nice accents.

When it comes to dimensions I feel like this purse should be a clutch. There is a 9″ drop, which is ample shoulder space, but the overall dimensions are 11×6.2×2.75 inches. are merely 4¼”W X 2½”H X 1″D. That is TINY, and though this is deemed the small size I feel like they should call it TINY. Tiny enough that I feel like this shoulder bag is actually a wristlet. Then again, my view of oversized handbags may completely and totally skew my view of proper dimensions. All I know is from the photo, the bag looks great but the size is definitely too small. Price is $1450 via Saks.

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  • Leah

    Perfect size… for my 10-year-old niece. What a ripoff!

    • I know. I was thinking, “Ok, this is a smaller shoulder bag.” But those measurements are TINY. I am shocked the shoulder drop is so ample with a bag that small

  • Tiny Not

    I think you’ve got it wrong, the Dior official website said that the bag (in small size) is 28x16x7 cm.

    • I was thinking it was not even feasible. Saks should fix that. Thanks for the info!

  • dangster

    Yeah dimensions on the Saks website can’t be correct. 4.25in x 2.5in x 1in is WAY too small to fit all that hardware–the magnetic clasp would be almost microscopic!

  • Michael St. James

    lol…yea, it can’t be THAT small!


  • Jess

    Regardless of size, the bag is horrible.

  • Kate Cai

    I think the bag’s colour and design are both stylish and brief.it is right to my taste

  • Deb

    this is cute, nice for a night out in the town (fb)

  • loui

    I like Dior and like Dior bags, but this bag doesn’t float my boat!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    great bag! love it! (fb)

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