Prada vs Chloe

Prada versus Chloe. Which of these two bags would you choose? Vlad and I need to make a decision for a gift for a friend of ours, Pam from ThatPamChick. Fairly new into the world of luxury handbags, Pam wants to find a bag she can use everyday. We narrowed it down to two and now it is time for you all to tell us what you think!

Prada: This Prada bag is an instant classic. A simple hobo shape with buttery calfskin leather and slight pleating detail, this is truly a bag that will last for seasons. Prada does calfskin like no other, so worst case Pam can use this as a pillow in a time of need. There is an 8″ shoulder drop and dimensions are 13½”W X 11″H X 6″D. $1550 via Saks.

Chloe: I adore this Chloe bag. It mixes a bit of a work feel with a totally timeless touch. This is the Chloe Victoria Tote which also is sporting beautiful Italian leather with a metallic bow hardware. There are double handles and the dimensions are 16½”W X 12″H X 3″D. $1295 via Saks.

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  • Mandy

    I voted for the Chloe for two reasons: 1) the color is the PERFECT shade of cognac; 2) the leather looks divine. I know it’s a good bit larger than the Prada, and they are both timeless. However, the Chloe is much more interesting, IMO, without being overstated, and can serve as a handbag and tote in one! I am in love. Let us know what you end up getting Pam!

  • Lynne

    I too voted for the Chloe. The colour is amazing. I think the Prada looks like an “older” bag whereas the Chloe looks ageless! If it were me receiving the gift I’d definitely thank you more for the Chloe – in fact I think I’d do your laundry for a month if I received that as a gift LMAO :P

  • Oddly enough, I voted for the Prada, if only for how amazing I know its leather would be in person. Also, I think a first-time handbag receiver would be more excited by a Prada, probably. Plus I’m a hobo person.

  • Lyns

    aahh! I feel like I’m cheating on Prada here, but I vote Chloe.
    Love the leather and the size!

  • renee

    I voted Prada. I love the black. The shape is great! It can go with everything and is timeless.

  • TygerKitty (Laura)

    Although I think the chloe is beautiful and rich looking; I chose the Prada because it’s a shoulder bag and a shoulder bag is the only type of bag I would use on a daily basis.

  • greenpixie

    This Prada edges out the Chloe since I think a) it can be more easily dressed up or down, b) is more versatile as a daily-use handbag and c) comfy shoulder drop is a must for a daily bag for me. Plus it is gorgeous!

  • anna

    the prada is waaaay better than the chloe in look, color, structure, etc…in general, chloe disappoints me just about all the time. every time i feel chloe bags, there is something about the leather that makes it feel cheap and way too delicate for the price tag. i don’t know what they do to their leather, but to me it always feels horrible. the prada bag looks much more polished and grown up. i guess i’m biased, but chloe bags are just too sub par.

  • Krystal

    Well I’d usually go for a prada over a chole, but with this comparison I’m going with chloe. The bag is absolutely gorgeous, i love the coulour and the shape.

    The prada to me, looks a little dated.

  • Mukik

    I voted for Chloe because I like the color and shape a bit better, although Prada is probably a better option in a long run because of the name. But in all honesty I recently got my first Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag and I am in love. Although RM is obviously a cheaper option in comparison to the two options above, IMHO it would be a great every day bag. You obviously know your friend better and should also go with what her style would fit better. Best of luck

  • Julie

    PRADA – no competition.

  • Sarah

    I think the Prada is better since it will last forever, and I mean forever. Another option is one of the other Prada Fall 09 bags since almost all of them are classic, functional, gorgeous, and timeless.

  • Kimberley

    I vote for the Chloe. It is is feminine bag with an amazing color, and lately the Chloe bags have been stunning in detailing, leather quality and durability. Modern and fresh, I think it would not be her last Chloe purchase. Alexander Wang also makes some of the most delicious leather bags, and his Fall 09 line up is gorgeous. I personally think Prada is simply too dated and although it is considered a classic brand, it lacks imagination or excitement.

  • Cadence

    I’m with Lyns when I say that I feel like I cheated on Prada but that Chloe bag is to drool for. I would take it in a heartbeat. In fact, very little thinking went into my vote….I mean that in a good way. Instant love.

  • dierregi

    I like them both and find it very hard to choose – like deciding who’s your favourite child when you have twins :-)

  • bunny

    well i really wish the chloe was the prada and the prada was the chloe, because for me, i love prada, but this particular prada is a lil bit boring in comparison with the chloe. i have the prada cervo lux shoulder bag and i LOVE it, if it was the bag you’re comparing with the chloe now then prada would win hands down.

    but in terms of brand names, for a first time, prada is btter, it’s more classy and well known, and anyway the logo isnt shouted out like monogrammed bags.

  • jen

    chloe hands down…it’s gorgeous.

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