Coach Spring 2013 Bright Handbags

Yesterday, it was full-on sunny in New York City. It was also fairly frigid, but the sun made all the difference; for the first time in weeks, maybe months, it feels like spring might really come and all those bright skirts and dresses I’ve been hoarding since last summer might actually see the light of day again. Naturally, that means it’s time start season-pushing with my handbags as well, and right now, no brand’s bags make me want to carry something bright and cheerful as much as Coach’s do right now. They’re positively irrepressible.

Beyond that, the bags are also totally affordable. I easily found nine bright bags from Coach that I’d love to have, and none costs more than $500 – in fact, most of them are far less. There’s no better way to start a season than a lovely new bag that doesn’t decimate your spring wardrobe budget, and even if you’ve never been a Coach fan before, you might want to take a look and consider what these colors can do for your mood.

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  • kristint

    surprisingly im not a fan of any of these bag shapes.. the mint color on the other hand is stunning! (and love the tassels!!)

  • judy

    nice bag free?

  • Lsontz

    Love Coach! Just picked up the City Tote in Vermillion. I’m thinking about the cross body in honeybee.

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