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  • taanzt

    That’s because she’s wearing the Coach Classic Penny, not the Legacy Penny. The Classic Penny comes with no tassels and has no lining but unfinished leather on the inside.

    • ReneeO

      I still have mine from the late 70’s!! Loved that bag, have it in black and brown.

  • louch

    That’s gotta be her mum behind her – they look so alike!

  • Jenny

    $198 is definitely on the lower end of prices when it comes to handbags, but spending $198 on anything won’t break the bank but certainly wouldn’t be an “impulse buy”, at least for me. Regardless, she looks cute.

  • anouk

    Hi, Emily! Please kindly feature Angelina’s YSL purse of late. I’m dying to know which type of YSL it is. Merci !!!

  • esfse


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