Actress Minka Kelly is the very first celeb we’ve spotted carrying one of the limited edition Coach x Krink bags from Coach’s latest capsule collection. (For the extended deets, check out Amanda’s full write-up on the Coach x Krink collab.) Here’s Minka landing at LAX, carrying a Coach x KRINK Leather Weekend Tote, which obviously makes a most optimal carry-on. You can get this bag for $798 at Coach, as well as browse the rest of the collection.

KRINK (real name Craig Costello) is the third artist Coach has collaborated with in the past two years. This line has a more unisex vibe, with plenty of graphic print leather billfolds and smartphone cases for the dudes, but these decidedly more feminine, oversized screen-printed leather totes are definitely my fave piece from this collection.

Minka Kelly carries a Coach x Krink Weekend Tote at LAX (1)

Let me guess: it’s already Monday, and this wasn’t the weekend you fulfilled your fantasy of going on a spontaneous weekend road trip to the nearest beach or beach-like area. I feel ya – I didn’t do that this weekend, either. There’s always next weekend, though, and the weekend after that; in fact, spring and summer are full of weekends in which I might become the spontaneous beach-goer I would sincerely like to be. To prepare for becoming my most ideal self, I’ve picked some awesome, relatively affordable Coach travel bag staples that would certainly complete the aesthetic picture on my weekend getaway.

Summer weekend travel can have such a great style to it – after all, who doesn’t want to be the woman leaving the office with a chic weekender in woven jute or light leather, filled to the brim with linen shorts and bathing suits? I wish I were that person right this minute, and the week has only just begun. With Coach’s all-American aesthetic and heritage, the brand is perfect for the classic weekend getaway. Shop the full Coach travel selection, including lots of great small pieces, via

Coach Bleecker Canvas Cabin Bag
$698 via Coach

Coach Bleecker Canvas Cabin Bag

Coach Legacy Archive Leather Suitcase
$998 via Coach

Coach Legacy Leather Archive Suitcase

Coach Bleecker Pebbled Leather Cabin Bag
$898 via Coach

Coach Bleecker Pebbled Leather Cabin Bag

Coach Bleecker Beach Cavas Tote
$448 via Coach

Coach Bleecker Beach Canvas Tote

Coach Washed Canvas Beach Tote
$348 via Coach

Coach Washed Canvas Beach Tote

Coach Bleecker Legacy Small Luggage Tag
$38 via Coach

Coach Bleecker Legacy Small Luggage Tag

In the past several seasons, Coach’s leather goods offerings have become a force to be reckoned with. Sure, the brand has long been popular for its reasonably priced handbags and logo-covered accessories, but as of late, its leather game has been so on-point that I can’t even begin to enumerate the times I’ve heard people say, “I’m usually not a Coach fan, but I would kill to have this bag.” Now it looks like both of the men who brought about that upward trajectory are leaving the company. Yesterday, Women’s Wear Daily reported that Reed Krakoff would be leaving his post as president and chief creative officer of Coach in mid-2014; chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort had previously announced his early-2014 departure. So what’s ahead for Krakoff, and can Coach maintain its current momentum without the executives credited with creating it? (more…)

Here’s the ridiculously pretty and perfect Emmy Rossum, carrying her “Bright Coral” Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody Bag after a lunch date in Beverly Hills, CA. I love this Mini Tanner for so many reasons: the bold, eye-popping spring hue, the lavishly oversized tassels, and the fact that it’s just big enough to fit an e-reader, for starters. But what I especially love is the miniature price tag. You can grab this bag for only $258 at Coach. It’s also available in black leather and Coach’s signature legacy pattern.

Ok, truth talk time. Why isn’t Emmy Rossum the face of at least one major cosmetics brand? She has such a great face and amazing alabaster skin! Yes, she did one of Cotton’s “The Fabric of My Life” campaigns last year, but why isn’t this chick trying to sell the 28-35 age demographic on some sort of moderately priced skincare product already? Are you listening, Clinique?

Emmy Rossum carries a Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody Bag in bright pink (1) Emmy Rossum carries a Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody Bag in bright pink (2) Emmy Rossum carries a Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody Bag in bright pink (3) Emmy Rossum carries a Coach Legacy Mini Tanner Crossbody Bag in bright pink (4)

Like we mentioned last week, we were lucky enough to attend the Coach Fall 2013 Preview, and, end to end, it was pretty great. Not only did they give us rosé and salted caramel whoopie pies (if you ever hear me complain about my job, slap me), but the bags were, of course, fantastic. Coach’s events are always fun, but every season, one of my favorite things about the brand’s previews is getting the opportunity to scope out the men’s bags and accessories right alongside the women’s collection, and every season, I come away with a mental list of men’s bags that I’d love to have for myself that rivals my mental list of women’s bags to covet.

The upcoming fall bags are even more exciting than usual because the line boasts a capsule collection with indie menswear darling Billy Reid, who brings his southern sensibilities to a line of well-worn leather goods that male fashion fanatics (or, as they’re more commonly knows, menswear bros) are likely to snap up quickly. The line includes everything from leather-sheathed USB key fobs to weekenders in luxurious leather – a full accessory wardrobe for fall’s casual gentleman. Check out our photos of all the best pieces below.

Actually, we’ve got two exciting things to debut for you today. First, of course, is a preview of the handbags to come in the Coach Fall 2013 collection, which we scoped out last week at Coach world headquarters. The bags are very much in keeping with the brand’s upward trajectory in recent seasons: a strong group of traditional shapes (for fall, think classic satchels and ladylike top-handles), rendered in rich colors and materials ranging from pumpkin calf hair to matte black metal studs. Many of the pieces are simply beautiful, and they’re the kinds of bags that will fit into the wardrobes of a wide variety of women. For the logo lovers, you’ll see some Cs here and there, but most of the bags are in keeping with the industry’s preference for a subtler form of branding. (more…)

Yesterday, it was full-on sunny in New York City. It was also fairly frigid, but the sun made all the difference; for the first time in weeks, maybe months, it feels like spring might really come and all those bright skirts and dresses I’ve been hoarding since last summer might actually see the light of day again. Naturally, that means it’s time start season-pushing with my handbags as well, and right now, no brand’s bags make me want to carry something bright and cheerful as much as Coach’s do right now. They’re positively irrepressible.

Beyond that, the bags are also totally affordable. I easily found nine bright bags from Coach that I’d love to have, and none costs more than $500 – in fact, most of them are far less. There’s no better way to start a season than a lovely new bag that doesn’t decimate your spring wardrobe budget, and even if you’ve never been a Coach fan before, you might want to take a look and consider what these colors can do for your mood.

Coach’s artist collaborations have been pretty unbeatable since they began with Hugo Guinness last year. The stalwart American leather brand hooked up with James Nares next, and now Coach has come up with a collection of men’s (but they’re unisex, let’s be real) bags and small accessories with Brooklyn-based street artist Craig Costello, also know as KRINK. Coach x KRINK just dropped at, and you’d be well advised to start stocking up if this particular variety of street-wise luxury tickles your fancy. (It definitely tickles mine.)

Coach and Costello used a 30-step screen-printing process to transfer the dye onto these leather or coated canvas bags and accessories, and the result is the brand’s traditional aesthetic transformed by a bit of New York punk street culture. Modern, edgy collaborations like this one are a potential way forward for a brand that wants to sell lots and lots of bags to a wide variety of people but still maintain a bit of an edge, and Coach is writing the book on how to accomplish just that.

Prices range from $98 for luggage tags to $798 for the weekender bags you see above. Check out the collection below or shop it now via

Coach x Krink Wallet Card Case Coach x KRINK Luggage Tags Coach x Krink Large Black and White Tote Coach x KRINK iPad Sleeve Coach x KRINK Blue and Brown Tote

A couple times a year, Vlad and I attend previews of forthcoming Coach collections. In addition to seeing the bags, I love watching the way the company transforms. The Coach Pre-Fall 2013 collection is no different – the designs are headed back to the roots of the company, with clean lines, simple designs and a focus on the complete product, not just on a logo.

Along with the collection comes an entirely reinvigorated Poppy line, and we think it’s a winner. Never fear, the quirky young Poppy bags will still be there along with Coach monogram classics, but the Saffiano leather totes that Coach is offering in a rainbow of colors are not only elegant, but also affordable – they will retail for a very reasonable $250. Make sure to check back with Coach for new arrivals, but now, let’s get to it!

Sometimes when we feature a Look for Less, the less expensive bag was clearly designed in the image of the more expensive bag. That’s one of the duties of mid-priced brands, after all; taking a look that’s out of reach for most consumers, reinterpreting it in the brand’s aesthetic and making it more accessible. That’s not what happened with the Coach Willis Bag and Louis Vuitton Eden Colorblock Crossbody, though – the Willis is a style that was first introduced years ago, and re-introduced several seasons back. These are simply two bags at very different price points that share a number of aesthetic similarities.

The overall styles of the two bags are a bit different – the Louis Vuitton is much more structured, and Epi leather is semi-matte, while the Coach option is a bit more malleable and a whole lot shinier. They’re both functionally sized crossbodies, though, with top-flap closures affixed with the respective brands’ signature locks. They both also feature burgundy, the biggest color of the moment, which will serve you well through winter and into spring.

Personally, I prefer the Vuitton option because of the solid structure and silver hardware, but the Willis is one of my absolute favorite Coach bags (and it comes in some good colorblock variations as well). Which is your favorite?

Louis Vuitton Eden Crossbody Bag
$2,050 via Louis Vuitton

Coach Willis Bag
$298 via Coach

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