Michelle Trachtenberg seen leaving a hair salon in West Hollywood

Spotted: Coach darling Michelle Trachtenberg toting the Coach Candace Carryall in Cognac. Sometimes I’m reminded of how much I genuinely love Gossip Girl, despite the fact that I’ve forgotten to watch the last 2-3 seasons altogether. Someone update me – did Georgina ever make another appearance after baby-dumping on Dan? According to the online gossip rags, Michelle was definitely present when they filmed the final episodes of Gossip Girl in mid-October, so I guess we’ll be seeing ol’ Georgina once again, on what is certain to be an utterly scandalous series finale that will be absolutely rife with designer goods.

But anyway, back to the bag. The Candace Carryall is quite a bargain at $458 via Coach, plus I have a major soft spot for those signature tassels. As you may or may not remember, Michelle Trachtenberg designed a line of costume jewelry for Coach’s “Poppy” line in 2010. Sadly, the pieces are no longer available for sale, but you can get a taste of what the collection looked like from this old Coach ad. Does designing for Coach put you on the free sample list for life? One can only hope. Now can we talk about those phenomenal shades? 10,000 Purseblog cool points to the reader who can ID them for me!

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  • Georgina

    I’m almost 100% sure her sunglasses are Tom Ford, I think the style is nikita, I may be wrong though, it’s been known to happen :)

  • http://expandng.com/ lisacng @ expandng.com

    Chanel glasses?

  • FashionableLena

    I agree with Georgina. Those definitely look like Tom Ford. I saw this bag in the Coach store. I like it in the ocelot.

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