Featured: Coach for Fall 2012

Nestled right in the center of New York City overlooking 5th Ave on the perfect last day of winter, Coach found a spot to showcase their Fall 2012 Legacy collection. The new location from their typical preview gave way to an entirely new look for the brand, almost like a relaunch. Gone is Coach monogramming (at least from the featured lines), and in its place is classic leather and beautiful colors. Coach dug back into its archives to reinvigorate their Fall 2012 line with its new Legacy collection.

Clean and classic lines were the forefront of each design as was beautiful hues of leather. The first thing that caught my attention was the wall of duffel bags in a rainbow of colors. The Coach Duffel is a classic and I had a hard time deciding which color I wanted, but I am leaning towards the bright pink or blue.

From there I found my way to a few setups featuring different bags, shoes, and accessories. There was a touch of colorblocking and animal print, but the majority of the designs stayed true to the classic Legacy by offering wearable designs, classic hardware, and sturdy leather.

The back of the preview showcased a table of small accessories, and Coach did not disappoint. From colorful coin pouches to laptop sleeves, there was a little bit of everything in all the right colors.

Most important to note is the new structured clutch that was seen at the preview. Coach is not known for making a true clutch, but for the upcoming season, the brand decided to try something new. I adored the tan leather clutch they showed with its spacious body and handheld cutout. It was both ladylike and chic.

Of course Coach will offer more of the designs we expect from them as this is only the Legacy collection, but I love the direction its taking. The Coach girl is growing up but staying true to her roots, and this is precisely what Coach showed with their Fall 2012 Legacy collection. Shop Coach now.

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  • Nyorkeratheart

    Very nice.. 

  • http://withloveshmon.wordpress.com/ Monica

    WOw they stepped it up a notch – good for them! Their classic line is lovely!


  • pixiegirlie

    I really like the SGL’s shown. I can’t wait to see the whole legacy line it’s highly anticipated as the legacy leather is very popular.

  • unknown2cherubim

    There is definitely something for me there.  I’m a Coach kinda girl.

  • Julierae2332

    Love the new colors and styles.  As a proud owner of 27 Coach purses and 15+ wallets and wristlets, I was hoping for something that popped.  I went to coach.com awhile back and for the first time could not find anything that jumped out at me.  But today – I could go bankrupt scooping up all the designs I fell in love with.  Just found your Blog – love love love it!!

  • 765154684


  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I am not a Coach fangirl, and although I can see a little bit of Celine inspiration in these, I must say that the new Coach is beautiful! I especially love the bags in the first pic, and the tassel keychains – the colours are so luscious!!! 

    • Courtney McAlexander

      I thought the same thing about the Celine influence!! I was surprised no one else mentioned that and then i saw your comment. Like you said, it’s not too much to make the bags (particularly the wallets) look like knockoffs though, just influence/inspired by. I love everything!! 

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        Like you I was very surprised that no one had mentioned this.  But I agree, Coach is not trying to knockoff Celine.  They may be trying to ride the wave of ‘simple sells’.  If they are, they have done it quite well.  Unlike the other designers who are currently trying a similar thing, Coach has not lost itself in its simplification.    

      • Fashion

        this isn’t an influence from Celine–this is Coach. With its iconic classic styles since forever with updated colors and color blocking. Coach is classic and simple–the legacy collection is simply Coach going back to its roots =) LOVE the collection…so happy coach is going back to it’s classics.

      • Nells86

         that’s because one of the head designers once worked for Celine

  • suz

    Love the classic styles with the updated colors.  Very nice!

  • 19yearslater

    Ohh, the bright bucket bags with tassels, I must have one! And if anything Celine must be inspired by Coach since these were taken from classic, archived designs at the company. These are a lot more wearable than Celine, too!

  • A Reader

    The bags are lovely, but it makes me so sad that this company is now manufacturing in China. I will buy vintage Coach from eBay, but none of the current bags.

    • ReaderS

      You know it saddens me when people make blanket comments such as this. Do you honestly not know how many brands manufacture outside of the U.S. today. MANY!!! and you should take the time to do a little bit more homework, they own their facility in China totally, (Coach) are not indebted to any creditors and many of the raw materials are bi-product of the cattle industry right here in the states. You should probably deprive yourself of almost every luxury brand for the risk of manufacturing in China…just saying

      • Jan

        Coach should stop billing itself as “Coach New York”. It would be more appropriate to change their logo to “Coach China” or “Coach International”.

  • orangecc

    Love the duffels and all the colours! and leather! thank you Coach, for going back to the basics :) 

  • http://www.slmbags.com/ Anita

    Only to decide which color to pick!?I love this duffel bag, so simple and so good!

  • Labels of Lust

    WOW! They have stepped it ALL THE WAY UP with this new collection. Am definitely getting me one or two or three..

  • Tanyale R.

    How much will the duffles be? Need to save up.

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  • Amy

    Anybody know anything about a new handbag by Coach that is supposed to be released Nov. 1, 2012. I think it is called the Molly; it is smaller than then Rory, but similar in style?

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