Coach Fall 2014 Show (29)

New York Fashion Week usually proceeds in ways that are somewhat predictable, but for Fall 2014, some important things have changed. Not only have venues and guest lists gotten a shakeup this season, but Coach Fall 2014 debuted on a runway instead of at a private event later in the season, which is something that both we and legions of Coach lovers were pretty interested to see. We certainly weren’t disappointed.

The show marked new creative director Stuart Vevers’ debut with the brand, and the designer, formerly of Loewe and Mulberry, made quick work of elevating the brand’s staid handbags, shoes, accessories and outwear (especially outerwear) with a sense of fashion that comes with a designer who’s used to showing his collections at global fashion weeks. The clothes, which are still a new pursuit for the brand, felt like something that indeed belonged on a runway, and the bags, accented with gleaming silver hardware details, felt current. The new look of Coach seems to be one primed to compete with brands like Rag & Bone on an apparel and shoe level, and we’ll see how many contemporary fashion customers the bags can convert. Check out our exclusive photos from the show below.

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  • hydramirage

    Love the detailing on the black satchel in the 14th picture.

  • Brielle

    Meh. A few bags look cool but they are pretty extreme compared to the usual classic look of Coach bags. Coach has a little something for everyone and this new direction is so edgy. I own several Coach bags and I love how the straps are adjustable and typically have short satchel handles and then also a long handle for shoulder wear. I hope he retains some of that in his first launch.

    • Curly

      I agree new look isn’t for me.

  • leechiyong

    The whipstitching, studs, and feathers on the bags gives off a very Western vibe to me. I don’t see anything I’d buy as I live in the Southwest and these styles are ubiquitous at the airport, tourist shops, and kiosks. Gorgeous for some, but not for me.

  • kindled

    I think most of the bags have way too much going on.

  • WhosThatBag

    What a fantastic reinvention! Coach has been trying to turn the page and establish themselves as a contemporary brand for many years and now, finally, it feels different without being kitschy. The elements are still there from the Reed Krakoff days (chunky soles, boxy cut outerwear, lots of sheering), but I dig this mid-west, suburban/urban vibe they’re offering here. Great details on the coats. On one bag I noticed a leather feather detail that really gave me pause. And, towards the end of the gallery, the brown suede messenger: Yes, please!

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    I’m really pleased with what I see and I’m excited to see more,

  • Crystal C from NJ

    I love the updated looks that Coach has displayed. They stayed true to their roots and yet remain relevant to the current trends. I love the footwear! Can’t wait to find the bags/shoes for me. Keep up the good work Coach!

    • JJ

      UGG- horrible shoes

  • S

    Gretchen, stop trying to make Coach happen.. it’s never going to happen.

  • Cathy Meadows DiSantis

    I do not like any of these bags! Uggh! These remind me of some of the Lucky Brand bags that came out a few years back that were only popular with the 15-22 yr old set. Plz, bring back some modern takes on the classics. Distressed steam-punk is not Coach!

  • Curly

    Coach you need to stay with the more classic traditional look that sold for years!!

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