Coach Legacy Perforated Leather Haley Satchel

Depending on your age, odds are that you automatically associate Coach with one of two things: solid-color leather bags in basic shapes, or logo canvas bags with lots of luggage tags and other attendant doodads. While both of those things are still readily available from Coach for the brand’s huge, diverse customer base, many of you have likely noticed that there’s a big middle ground between those two extremes at which Coach has become quite skilled. For Spring 2013, a lot of those bags feature fun textural elements that feel like an exciting direction for the brand.

The collection runs the gamut from matte, python-embossed white leather to animal-print canvas, and every piece feels fresh, spring-like and appropriate for a wide range of customers. When a brand has a reach like Coach’s, developing products that don’t alienate one demographic while satisfying another can be difficult, but I could see most of these bags being carried by women of a whole host of ages and lifestyles. Balance is hard to find, but with bright colors and the right textural elements, Coach seems to have worked it out.

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  • thescm

    I really don’t have a problem with women who want to wear only classic Coach or women who want to carry logo-print with tags. Anyway, I really like them. I’m currently carrying a Patricia in marine.

  • kristint

    im surprisingly not a fan of any of these bags… wish i was though :/

  • EbonyLolita

    White snakeskin print w/blue is the only one I fancy. I just went Outlet shopping in LI & got a nice summer Coach bag! Bought it for $225.

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