Coach Bubble Print Accessories and Tote

So Coach is just as ready for me for the bitter winter to go away (yes, I know- it hasn’t even begun). The new Coach Resort line has let us in on a little sneak peek of some bubbly fun. The Coach Bubble Print Accessories and Tote add a little whimsical fun to the spring lines we are all waiting for. I know winter is just beginning, but I’m bitter cold already and just about ready to be splashing around in some fun and sun. Coach has given us a peak to the Resort line with a cute hat, wristlet, tote, and key chain. I really love the smaller accessories. I think the tote could look cute out at the beach, but it might be a bit much for me. The hat just seems so preppy and flirty, how could I resist? No word on pricing yet, but hopefully we will all hear a little more about this line sometime in the near future. Hope you all are bundled up and looking forward to all the Resort lines!

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