Singer Carly Rae Jepsen leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London

I know, I know – Carly Rae Jepsen most likely scored this bag for free. Here’s the pop starlet o’ the year coming out of BBC Radio 1 Studios with the Coach Legacy Ocelot Haircalf Tanner Tote in tow. That ocelot print really pops with Carly’s cobalt blue coat and crazy, colorful Pierre Hardy Colorblock Suede Ankle Boots ($1350 at Saks). You can grab the Candace Carryall version of this bag from Coach’s website for $1400 – but act fast, it’s a limited edition!

Ms. Jepsen was in London promoting her latest album, Kiss, which is lousy with the same ear worms you’ve been hearing all year. Yes, despite the fact that “Call Me Maybe” has been around for eons, Carly Rae’s full length only dropped in September. Another fun fact: Carly Rae Jepsen looks like a tween, but she’s actually 27 years old. True story.

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  • b

    wheres her coat from??

    • m


  • Camila

    She’ll be gone in no time, and Emily, I was as surprised as you when I found out she was 27. I thought -after a first listen to the dread that is “Call me maybe” and glance at the “cute” look she went for originally- that she was 13 or 14. I was with a friend and her inmediate reaction, as well as mine was; That’s not normal.

  • Camila

    Now back to the topic, handbags that is. I don’t really like coach, it doesn’t convince me completely, although this bag isn’t so bad. The way she put the outfit together is the problem, it looks tacky.

  • ingrid

    i really think you need to lighten up your posts. you’ve always got some sort of negative vibe goin on. take some pointers from amanda, who has always done an excellent job at making her criticisms sound less snarky.

  • Jayge

    I could not agree more with some of the feedback on the negative tone to your writing. Hopefully, you, as well as those who may edit your commentary, will take this as constructive criticism; we don’t read this blog to listen to you rant about topics unrelated to handbags or fashion. It’s uncalled for, cheapens the blog, and is distracting. Others manage to write about celebrities in a clever tone without being insulting and nasty. We see enough of that from the readers!!

  • Ron Nehemiah Falber

    This is the tanner, not the Candace. It retails for $1,600.

  • twirler

    I thought PurseBlog was going to stop with the nasty celebrity bashing! We care about your opinions on bags, NOT your opinions on celebrities that have nothing to do with bags or fashion. I’m starting to feel like I’m reading Perez Hilton again when I come to this site, and I gave that up MANY years ago

  • Ally

    Jeez, cut her some slack. Each writer’s got their own style. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

  • youkuku


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