Valentino Striped Bow Clutch

Typically a striped ivory/black pattern could scare me away, but for some odd relentless reason, I am completely and totally drawn to this clutch. Valentino has released the Valentino Striped Bow Clutch which shows off an oversized bow that doubles over as a wristlet along with the black/ivory satin that I am now fond of. A zip closure with satin pull tabs finish off the outside, alongside black satin lining on the inside. There are no pockets, just one compartment. The measurements are 5″H x 10″W x 1/2″D. In a larger bag, I would most likely give it a nay, but in this smaller clutch, it provides the perfect va-voom. Pre-order via Bergdorf Goodman for $850.

Pic of model holding the bag below!

Valentino Striped Bow Clutch1

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  • Sharon

    I do like the style and shape of the purse. But I am not to fond of the black and white stripes. It is a very unique style for a purse. I have never seen on like that before.

  • catpower

    i think its really cute fun bag!
    love it!

  • swimandpurses

    i love this BAG!
    it’s cute!!

  • suzannah

    practical, you can hold your glass and gesticulate at the same time-superp

  • Joan

    alright fashion experts…wear it with white or black

  • Amanda

    great to look at, maybe not so much to use.

  • Jelita78

    oh this is creative!
    who would have thought the bow is a handle!
    at first picture, i was “eeeekk!!”
    but at the second picture, i have to say “heyy.. cool!” (ipad)

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