Monday, sigh. It is always a little bit harder for me to get out of bed on Monday morning. I don’t know if I think hitting the snooze button a few extra times helps draw out the weekend just for a few minutes longer or what. No matter what, getting out of bed this morning was no exception. Are any of you feeling the same way today? Well, I hope to help jump start your day with two of my favorite things, handbags and voting on them!

Stella McCartney Patent Rivet Detail Clutch

The Stella McCartney Patent Rivet-Detail Clutch is a handbag worthy of a “Love it/Hate it” vote. I saw this clutch last week and couldn’t decide how I felt about it, so I thought about it a bit over the weekend. And guess what, I still don’t know if I would give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. This black patent fold-over clutch is adorned with gold-tone rivet detail. The size of the rivets varies a bit but don’t seem too big or too small. Open up the clutch and you’ll find two internal compartments. This is a feature I love. Although clutches are small, it helps to find what you may have put in the bag. For whatever reason there are times when I swear to you, I search longer for my keys in a clutch than in a large hobo. Ok, I digress. Help me out here, what do you think about this bag? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $725.

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  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    Of all the black patent clutches out there, this is not my favorite. However, if you like a lot of gold detail on a purse, this is most certainly for you. It is definitely an interesting spin on studded purses. Also, I totally agree that two internal compartments are a plus!

  • Mandy

    I think the patent is throwing me off. The patent and gold is too much shine for me. Would prefer a rougher texture faux leather, or less shiny gold detail – something that mixes the shine w/some toughness. I like the internal compartments though!

  • Wakh

    I will not pay the kind of prices asked for pleather bags, fabric bags, etc. that she produces in lieu of leather.

  • Rashida

    I like it. It’s pretty. It stands out. It’d be cute with a nice jump suit or a cute top and skinny jeans. Stella McCartney always pushes the envelope. She never designs bags that look like anyone else, she’s original and you stand out lol!

  • Cam

    Love it want it. Love the pattern of the clutch. Get some cool bags on this website
    i have just bought some there. Got too many to choose from.

  • sstellaa

    I like it!!!!

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  • Janinevs

    Love it!!!! Edgy without trying too hard!

  • Linda

    I appreciate Stella’s stand on not using leather….but to pay these types of prices for Target type bags is just crazy.

  • Naggy

    It’d look better if the holes were smaller and more abundant, but even then, it would still look plain with just big “polka dots”. (ipad)

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