Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut Clutch

Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut Clutch Microscopically fine detailing makes this clutch a piece worth mentioning. When designing this intricate clutch, Cavalli must have wanted to create a masterpiece and a talking piece. The Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut Clutch showcases a multicolor underside which is topped with a detailed gold laser cut leather design. Weaving, cutting, edging, and paying close attention to detail, the laser cut design seems to make lines that form a swirly pattern and even a beetle bug. There is a press stud fastening closure and an optional gold chain shoulder strap. This would not be an everyday clutch, not even a ‘nice dinner out’ clutch, but more of a once in a while at a huge Foundation Dinner or Gala piece. I’d take it to a black or white tie event and if the conversation turned to politics, which I despise, I’d take this baby out and try to get the table to talk about it. That would sure be a conversation starter, or killer, depending on the crowd. But this fine detailed bag is available for a decent price and has great measurements; 12 x 5 x 1.5. For a little piece of conversation and beauty via Net A Porter for $1015.

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  • cosmofunshop

    Thank you Meg for posting :)

    Love the intricate detail laser cut a lot, but I am not into the multi-color base (too rainbow-y). Maybe if the base color/s are not that many, I will like it more.

    Have a nice Friday

  • suzannah


  • jazzy

    im so :twisted: i do not know wat way the :arrow: :oops: i forgot to do my chorse :?: :lol: love ya

  • akbjr

    Love the lazer detail and love the colors underneath. Can’t imagine owning such a piece. It would elevate a museum display. This one might actually be worth the money, and not just for the name. It actually took craftsmanship.

  • swimandpurses

    I agree with cosmofunshop the detail work is very cute but uf ut had just a plain base color I would like it more

  • ozlem

    :eek: ı want it

  • Naggy

    THe laser cut design is pretty nice. (ipad)

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