Nancy Gonzalez Silver Ring Lizard Clutch If this bag were at the $1 store, I would not buy it. Yet this bag is at Saks and costs $1 times 1,350. GASP you say, and I agree. Nancy Gonzalez handbags are known for their exotic skins and typically she puts out some great items. Sometimes designs crash and burn and the Nancy Gonzalez Silver Ring Lizard Clutch is on its downward spiral. Silver lizard skin provides the base for leaf imprint detail on this fug bag. Honestly, at least opt for flower detail. No one wants to look at a aimless wandering leaf pattern on silver lizard skin. Nancy, stick with exotics but please, please, please do not drag yourself down with tacky colors and odd imprints. Pre-order via Saks for $1350.

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  • Kendra

    It has a soft look to it. I really enjoy it. (fb)

  • Naggy

    It looks incomplete. (ipad)

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