You know what I love? An exotic bag of any kind for under a grand. It’s hard to come by, even in snakeskin, and particularly from a well-known designer. Well, the Michael Kors Templeton Snakeskin Clutch meets all of those requirements. It’s a beautiful cobalt clutch made of real snakeskin that any of us would be lucky to have in our closets. And it’s not tiny, either. It’s a full foot wide and looks like it would easily be big enough to hold my BlackBerry, oversized key ring (I’m a janitor at night, don’t tell anyone), and a lip gloss or two.

Michael Kors Templeton Snakeskin Clutch

And then there’s the great color; it encompasses shades shades of bright and deep blue and several in between, and would look amazing with almost any kind of sundress, particularly a white one. It’d also work during colder weather – just imagine how much it would pop when worn with a black dress and a great pair of boots. The price is great for an exotic from any designer you’ve ever heard of, and it might still be more than I want to pay for a clutch, but I’m going to ignore all of that and just imagine taking it out this weekend. Buy through Nordstrom for $895.

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  • MizzJ

    Haha if it’s a foot long, you can no longer consider it a clutch – it’s a bag without handles. I like the look of the snakeskin and the color is very interesting, but the size puts me off.

  • me

    Templeton? Isn’t that the rat from Charlotte’s Web?

  • bindc

    I was just looking at this bag. I love it.

  • ^ Surely is the rat from Charlotte’s Web! That is what I wrote on Twitter. HA!

  • Cherie L.

    gorgeous. and there is nothing wrong with a large clutch. the colours are divine. if only michael kors could get his merchandising act together — his stuff is always so well designed; if only it weren’t left to be at discount stores so often.

  • Cindy

    That’s a pretty good price tag considering todays economic crisis. Perhaps other designers will follow and drop some prices! *crosses fingers* <–check out my jewellery pieces people!

  • christy

    LOVE it!!

  • Anonymous

    I got a forest green colored python bag from the Italian brand Ghibli that was on sale at $425, original price being $1050! I totally agree with Amanda, it IS a real joy to find good brands at such steals!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Beautiful workmanship (fb)

  • shelley Kolman

    I love this blue snakeskin, imagine a beautiful blue 5ct Diamond ring on while carrying this purse. I keep going back to David Rosenberg Diamonds in Florida. The only place local that carries such a large selection of colored diamonds. I can definitely see wearing the ring and carrying this purse to my friends homes or just everyday use

  • Cheerie

    i love his clothes! so classic.. and this clutch would be the perfect surprise to an outfit (ipad)

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