Marc by Marc Jacobs Embroidered Clutch

Typically I am not drawn to flower like, repeating embroidery pattern. Yet oddly enough, a clutch designed by the sometimes totally off killer Marc Jacobs, is both cheap and has my eye. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Embroidered Clutch is the perfect hand held style clutch, with gold tone hardware and a turn lock closure. When I first saw this clutch, I was squinting wondering if the pattern looked like skulls, but upon closer inspection I saw it was a floral like pattern, somewhat reminiscent of what you would find on a master bedroom bedspread. I am all for simple, but this clutch is just that. Nothing fancy, just a little contrast embroidery which will offset the black, and a perfect size, 6″H x 9″W x 2″D. Cute, right? Via Bergdorf Goodman for a mere $278.

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  • Kendra

    This is really pretty. I like the look of it and the color. (fb)

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