You know the old saying, “you always want what you can’t have”? Well, I find that saying stuck in my head this morning. As much as I love writing about handbags I continuously lust over, sometimes I wish I had endless funds and could snatch up everything my eyes fall in love with. Then, there are times when I come across a bag that is sold out. I don’t know why, but I tend to find myself wanting a sold out bag more than I might if it wasn’t sold out. Anyone else?

Jil Sander Fringe Satin Clutch

The Jil Sander Fringe Satin Clutch is a perfect example of this. At first glance I almost skipped right over it. But then, the big bold red “SOLD OUT” font caught my attention. It’s sold out? Why?! What if I want one?! The black satin clutch with looped fringe detailing and magnetic snap closings would go so well with so many outfits. The chic, understated elegance with a hint of movement would be great for a night out on the town. But, wait, do I really like it or is it a case of wanting what I can’t have? What do you think? Net-a-Porter for $1180.

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  • Sarah

    I was contemplating this bag last night. I decided not to get it, but it is pretty. It has a very quiet chicness to it.

  • mette

    This clutch seems creepy to me. And so impractical. Don´t the fringes get all mixed up?

  • Nyzinga

    Sorry, but to me it looks alive and creepy.

  • nala

    i’ll have to pass on this .. i’ve seen much nicer clutches

  • jedimaster

    I don’t like the bag, but I was struck by your comment about wanting things that are sold out. I think its the sense that eveyone else wants it, that makes something so desirable. I find myself looking for hard to find items a lot. Or the converse – if something is too plentiful on the shelves, even if I love it, I fear that no one else does.

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