Fendi Pleated Spy Clutch Fendi have always has always represented the pinnacle of extravagant fashion design, no doubt about that.
However, this Pleated Spy Clutch takes bad taste a little over the top. Paying $1,400 for a clutch that looks like road kill on a strap? No thanks. We’d rather go down south, put on a pair of heavy boots and go armadillo stomping. Or go to the local cow ranch and step in warm you-know-what. Same effect, roughly a grand and a half saved.

Via [In My Bag]

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  • what an ugly!……thing

  • Helena

    Actually,I like the design.Don’t care for the brown color and would preffer bigger version,but can’t afford it anyway.I think the design is nice.

  • Steph C.

    To me it resembles a squashed flea.

  • paige llewellyn

    hi hillary ur way pretty and cool

  • paige llewellyn

    i think the design is really cool and i luv louis vitton and gucci and dior and all of them things.

  • Rosanne

    This bag looks like those dried figs in the plastic containers.

  • elena

    i think it’s a great design and if it resembles something like “you-know-what” to somebody, well…. only shows what’s on one’s mind. i would never even thought of it!!!

  • layla

    whatever. that shits is ugly. i wouldnt pay a buck for it. i bet paris would suck starvos’s dick for it. sucks.

  • Thaisa

    Hello Hillary my name is thaisa I am fro brazil but I speack english, yor blog is very beutiful…

  • Anna

    I have seen the bags they are lovely some people do not have any taste. I should have bought the orange one I bot the black.

  • kira

    looks like a nutsack…gross, ugly, awful, i’d point and laugh at someone with it

  • Pearl

    Great site, great blogs, great comp! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    The more ruffles doesn’t necessarily mean the better the bag. (ipad)

  • KY

    Wow overpriced.. (ipad)

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