Express Front Flap Chain Handle BagWith my trying to help everyone indulge in affordable handbag and purse fetish, I realize a little black bag can not be left out. Is a black bag just like a little black dress? I know my mom always told me that you always had to have a sassy little black dress in your wardrobe for any occasion. I took her advice a few steps too far, hence I have quite a few “necessary” little black dresses in my closets. As for the bags, I also have probably a few too many black bags, but I just am trying to follow my mother’s advice. Let’s all just blame our mothers! (Maybe it will make you feel less guilty :-)~ ). Rounding out our first ever Affordable Wednesday, is the Express Front Flap Chain Handle Bag. I wish Express would have provided us with a little more information, like dimensions and some other fun little facts, but the necessities of the bag are given. This is a beautiful leather handbag (or could be used as a clutch). The bag is accented with a gold chain, gold ring closure, and a flirty little black tassel hanging from the strap. All of you ladies who swear you need another little black bag can indulge yourselves in this beauty; it is a mere $78 through Express.

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