Diane von Furstenberg Ceo Bag
Diane von Furstenberg Ceo Bag

After introducing the new kid on the block, the Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Bag, I began to really fall in love more with this bag. I have always loved DvF but her ventures in the handbag world have been small and now she is satiating our need for a handbag from her stylish house. Along with the wrap bag, Diane designed a fold over clutch, the Diane von Furstenberg Ceo Bag which has a vintage appeal. This clutch is very simple but fits in nicely with spring’s boho trend. You have the option to fold it over and use it as a clutch or open it up and carry it from the cut out handle. The leather stitching detail adds a little twang. The idea behind the bag is very simple, but is it too simple for anyone to really fall for it? Buy through Net A Porter for $440.

Fab or Drab?

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Celine

    i don’t like it.

  • Cindy Maher

    I like it. It’s simple and has a western look to it.

  • Megusi

    As the fold-over clutch, I absolutely love it. However carrying it by the cut-out… not so much.

  • PJH

    I agree with Megusi about carrying it by the cut-out. But, I absolutely love the color and folded clutch aspect. Also, this bag is far more accessible than the wrap bag, which I don’t hate, that has been floating around the internets lately.

  • melvina

    ohh love it..looks very chic and love the color too

  • Emily

    I am in love with this bag. I am a big fan of fold-over clutches. This one is adorable. But as megusi said, no way on carrying it by the cut-out.

  • Christine

    Very nice! I’m super excited about the new DvF bags.

  • Grace

    I like it! But it does remind me of Gwen’s LAMB design.

  • Maria

    I dont like it either

  • Dacs

    The color is gorgeous and goes with almost anything.

  • raquel

    do you have the price ?????

  • Fashion Victim

    absolute FAB!

  • GeorgiaT

    Fab for sure.

  • mette

    Sorry-this one does not touch me.

  • mary

    i love it!! but then again I love all clutches! they are so great! I just bought one from shopgoldyn.com so for all of you who love this but cant afford the $440 – check it out.

  • Kendra

    Very ugly. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    handsome bag! thanks purseblog! (fb)

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