Charlotte Olympia Christmas Clutches

We might as well go ahead and dub Charlotte Olympia the Queen of the Hyper-Literal Handbag, because I doubt anyone’s going to take her spot anytime soon. She’s done everything from golden-age Hollywood to flakey French baked goods, and now she’s here with a fresh crop of Christmas clutches.

As we learned back in October, designer Charlotte Dellal loves a holiday, and Christmas is rife with inspiration for funny little bags. This year, in addition to a reissue of last year’s Christmas Pudding Pouch, we’ve got gingerbread women, reindeer and a lil’ sprig of holly atop Dellal’s popular Pandora clutch. (The closure is usually a spider.) Check ‘em out below.

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  • anu

    the pulls for the zips are all webs… like the spider motif…

  • ivy

    These are adorable, but I don’t know about the prices for pieces that could be used at-most one month out of the year.

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