Celestina Mother of Pearl Clutch

Over the weekend Vlad and I attended a wedding of a good friend of ours. As the toasts got a bit long, I found myself staring at the women’s bags around me. I know that is probably the last thing I should be thinking of, but let’s face it, I am just that shallow. So I browsed the room and peeked my head over shoulders admiring some bags and gagging at others. But a beautiful diamond in the rough caught my eye. A woman in her mid 40’s was dressed to the 9’s, wearing killer heels and a gorgeous clutch. The clutch looked to be made of mother-of-pearl, very similar to the Celestina Mother of Pearl Clutch. This clutch emanates beauty and refinement with its smooth mother-of-pearl exterior with an oversized brass bracket. Celestina minaudiere bags can be describes as being “meticulously designed by Ms. Tina Maristela-Ocampo, Manila’s fashion icon, entrepreneur and designer, and painstakingly created by hand by the country’s finest craftsmen using age-old techniques and unique materials from different parts of the Philippines.” You all better believe I was dressed to kill (and had the most handsome date), but a clutch like this would have completed my outfit even more perfectly. Via Vivre for $1,115.

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  • annamarie lee


  • Monique

    its not even made of mother of pearl as it claims but made of a lower class shell that looks just like mother of pearl.

    • Jennifer

      What made you say those harsh comments? Have you bought the purse? For you to be able to say that, you have to have the actual purse…Besides, I don’t think Drew Barrymore wouldn’t be using the purse at the Golden Globes if it weren’t an authentic Mother of Pearl purse!!!!

  • mahal

    with that beauty the price is just right

  • Jennifer

    it’s a bit pricey, but knowing the craftsmanship and ingenuity of Filipinos, it’s worth every penny spent.

  • Katrina

    Knowing how cheap labor is in the Philippines, I think it is overpriced. Drew Barrymore couldn’t care less. Tina hired a PR agent whose job is to supply the client’s products to celebrities for it to be used and they plant photographers to make it look like a paparazzi shot. Well anyway, I hope Tina succeeds in this new endeavor of hers to help her recover from being the subject in Kitty Go’s “When Chic Hits the Fan and When Chic Happens”.

    • vanessa

      for short. you can’t buy it. :P

  • Patricia

    I love Celestina’s Rose Shargreen clutch bag featured this week in Trilbey & Natalie’s blog, It is definatly something I will buy as it’s a classic.

  • vanessa

    made in the philippines. i like to buy gghrrr!

  • janette

    hi celestina, I am very proud to have one, the perez big red hornback saimensis croc skin. Proud to be a Filipino!

  • Naggy

    This looks good enough to eat with what looks like white chocolate and gold-brushed chocolate! (ipad)

  • jojo

    it is my dream to own a celestina bag!

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