Celestina Crocodile Clutch1

Timeless and beautiful, the Celestina Crocodile Clutch shows off stunning black crocodile in a structured envelope clutch. The bone edges make the black crocodile stand out further and offer dimension to the clutch. Take it out to dinner or to a white-tie affair, either way this clutch is sure to be a hit. Measurements are perfect to fit in your hand; 7 x 3½ x 2½”. This clutch is far too beautiful to be used during the day, but dazzle the masses at night with a sleek number like this.

Buy via Vivre for $1,750.

View clutch in full below!

Celestina Crocodile Clutch

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  • Lisa

    oh wow, i love it!

    • CC

      This is a take on the VBH clutches & Nancy Gonzales bags sold in Neiman Marcus. I once saw Ricco looking at the clutches there…this is during the time they were starting their bag business. Nice work!

      • mpa

        “An inspired line ” from more original designers, nice common copies of better bags

  • s.j.

    not cute at all!!! poor croc. :lol:

  • s.j.

    it almost looks like an envelope.

  • Trenting.com

    Not found of this, I have a croc tote that is chestnut-ish brown.. It’s got the gators head and body on it..
    I love it, but I think it freaks some people out :o)

    • carmen

      why the fuck does it freak people out this is a great creasion :!:

  • carmen

    wow this celeatina is amazing i dont know how she does it i hear that shes from the philippines she totally just showed me how great the philippines is i am so going there haha i bought already 5 bags from her how does she become more famouse she totally deserves to let celebrities hold her bag :wink:

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