Celestina Cracked Mirror Clutch

I’m not much of a tiny-little-clutch fan. I mean, I’ve got a big key ring. It doesn’t always fit. Add my cell phone, and the thing surely won’t close. I’m particularly not a fan of the shiny-tiny-little-clutches. Judith Leiber? No thanks. In a pop culture that now bedazzles cell phones, her schtick it getting a bit old. I usually skip over the evening bag section of any online store, but maybe I should rethink that habit. The structure of Vivre’s site kind of forces you to look at everything – their collection is so well-edited and so stylish that they don’t really need a way to weed out the riffraff, since there’s so little of it. While idly browsing handbags today, I came across the Celestina Cracked Mirror Clutch. Instead of thousands of tiny little crystals, the small hand-held bag is fashioned out of imperfect shards of glass reminiscent of a broken mirror. The effect is mosaic-like and very unique – correct me if I’m overlooking something, but I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The verdict? I absolutely love it. The effect is sophisticated without being over girly and unique without being super flashy. This is a modern girl’s fancy clutch, and I only wish I had someplace classy enough to carry it. Buy through Vivre for $1,130.

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  • Bobbi

    Lovely to look at, difficult to hold. Every time you shift your grip, your fingerprints will show.

  • Jane H.

    I prefer the one by CC Skye (the design is more youthful and it costs roughly half of the one above)

  • Shoppa Holique

    Celestina is ridiculously overpriced! The designer, Tina Ocampo only copies from high-end souvenir shops here in Manila, and those clutches only sell for a few hundred pesos (that’s about 20 USD!)

  • glamexchange

    Sometimes, it’s not the idea that raises the bar but the craftsmanship.

    (Time to send the little crab back into the sea, Shoppa.)

  • Shoppa Holique

    glamexhange: actually the 20 dollar clutches are just as well crafted

  • Yolanda

    Yeah, I agree, I prefer the CC Skye clutch that is very similar and cheaper.

  • Gusto

    I am tired of seeing posts on this 7-years-of-bad-luck looking clutch… Let’s move on please!

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