It has been far too long since I obsessed over a clutch. Yes, my sister and I love clutches and yes we love to feature them, but there’s no harm in that, right? Ok, so that leads me to the Brian Atwood Mattie Patent Clutch. I look at this clutch as something a little different than we normally see and I think I like it. It always amazes me how many different avenues a designer can go down with a handbag. This patent leather clutch is vintage inspired. More than vintage, it simply reminds me of an envelope. Envelope, that is a word we don’t see very often anymore. Between emailing, FedEx and electronic billing, I can’t remember the last time I bought a box of envelopes. I love the gold metal corners. This accent really adds a nice touch to the clutch. The envelope/clutch flap has a magnetic snap which keeps the it sealed. I have to say, I can see this clutch being quite a fun conversation starter. Plus, it can go with so many outfits – what a lovely perk! And in case you don’t support white after labor day, the clutch comes in coral too! Buy through Saks for $1,660.00.

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  • Love it. Very crisp.

  • suzana

    love it but think they are asking a bit much. would rather go for a classic long bottega knot which suprisingly is a bit less

  • LeaD

    I LOVE THIS!!!
    classic. chic. beautiful!!!

  • Merve

    $1500+ for a PATENT clutch, i think thats nuts.

  • Addicted2chanel

    Yeah. I agree, I think that they are asking A BIT much. I’d say more like..$800. if that. Personaly, I think it looks like a folded napkin with metal on the sides…

  • That is rather pricey… but I like this clutch too!

  • This clutch reminds me of a paper envelope – interesting.

    P.S. I couldn’t help but notice that “Brian” was misspelled as “Brain” in the post.

  • Misa, fixed that!! That is a funny typo!

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