brian atwood printed clutch
Brian Atwood Daphne Printed Clutch

I have a new obsession with leopard print. At times I have strayed away from this print, but lately I have been embracing it. But it is not that I want this print on my pleather pants, rather I want it on my accessories. I have been drooling over a pair of leopard print Louboutin’s and now I am on the hunt for the perfect leopard print clutch. No need to put this print on a huge bag, but a small bag with a fierce print will do all the talking. It is a pop of perfect attitude! The framed Brian Atwood Daphne Printed Clutch intertwines shape with a subdued leopard print. The print itself appears toned down and is spiced up with goldtone hardware. There is an interior pocket, suede lining, and a clasp closure. Measurements are 12″W X 6″H X 2″D, which makes this a great handheld statement piece. This is not precisely what I have my heart set on, but it is alluring. Buy through Saks for $1660.

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  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, if you love leopard prints then I have LOTS of leopard prints Pashmina a.k.a Cashmere Shawls made in Nepal. If you’re interested to see the pics let me know and I shall email you. They are very exquisite and TDF!! :) sorry if i wasn’t supposed to post this here but since i’m a new member, i don’t know how to personally email you.


  • mette

    Oh how excited I was to read your birthday greetings to me from my e-mail. Been away for some time now,so the thank you comes a bit late. Hugs to you Megs and Vlad!!!

  • Christine

    Giraffe print is what’s been calling my name lately, though leopard is more timeless. Animal prints always make bold statement pieces.

  • kene

    Thats nice, but i am more about the price of things. I got a rock and republic clutch that looks very similair to this one. and i have a large bag i love from :wink:

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