Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Black Leather Clutch

Call the Dr, I think I have an addiction! So I told you all I would not be posting while on vacation (other than saved posts I did before the trip), but here I am in my hotel in Barcelona posting. Whoops. I felt the need to check in and have downtime right now waiting for my friend to get to the hotel. After my lovely $45 USD cab ride (which was 25 Euros, and then some, but I had to give American dollars because I ran out of Euros… LONG story!), I got to check into my hotel early, THANKFULLY, and already napped! So thoughts keep coming back in my head of all the travelers and Spaniards I have met so far that have told me to keep my handbag near by. Will someone really want to steal from me, an American tourist?? :roll: Of course I am a prime suspect. But please don’t pick pocket me or take from me, because I have found a clutch that I just have to have. I am having a strong premonition that I will not leave Bottega Veneta empty handed while in Italy. For a small piece of Bottega Veneta heaven, there is the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Black Leather Clutch. Simplicity at its finest, the signature woven leather forms a triangular clutch that has a fold over top with a magnetic closure. I wish the inside were lined in supple suede, but canvas will do when the clutch merely costs $560 via Net-A-Porter. Depending on the exchange rate etc, I may have to pick this baby up in the next few days will in Italy.

Adios all from Barcelona!! :mrgreen:

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  • jm

    loves it! looks good enough to eat! i hope u leave italy with a BV :grin:

  • Sadaf

    so sexy. I love quilted bags.

  • Jen

    cute but a little simple…

  • tt

    i just started my obsession with BV not too long ago.. and having a hard time resisting it.

  • Plain_Jane_Too

    Anyone been to a BV Outlet? There is one near Palm Springs CA.. what do you think of those inventories and prices?

  • vimadez73

    Kinda looks like a lunch sack… :!: :?:

  • lee

    I seriously do not know what all the hype is about regarding this clutch. Ya it’s simple, that’s for sure, if not agonizingly boring. I cannot believe some of you are having such “a hard time resisting it”. I’d have a hard time resisting…throwing it in the flea market pile. And are you kidding me? $560? For that??? Puh-lease. Save your money and spend it on a bag that’s worthwhile.

  • natasha

    The bag is $560? wow. Mean this in the nicest way, there is a very and I mean almost identical purse in Walmart. Dont know if you should buy it unless of course you have nothing else to spend your 500 bucks on!

  • Kendra

    I would pay 500 for this. I think there’s something lovely about it. (fb)

  • Naggy

    I wouldn’t pay a penny on this. (ipad)

  • Mousse

    Nice classic BV. (ipad)

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