Ashlee Simpson Handbag Style
Image via GR

Contemplating the deepest, thought-provoking, and essential questions of life, Ashlee Simpson made her way to Parc in Hollywood. ‘I love my cute little nose… I wonder if people think my lips look plump. I may need some botox, I saw a wrinkle. Do I need bigger boobs…?’, Ashlee thought to herself on her way to party. What I ponder about this girl is why Papa Joe didn’t make her pledge her virginity but made Jessica. That is what I wonder. And maybe some of you wonder what adorable yellow patent leather clutch she is carrying. Over-sized clutches are totally in style, just ask Ashlee. Can you Name that Bag!

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  • jason

    is that a miu miu clutch? i’m really bad at IDing clutches.

  • big_foot

    miu miu clutch?

  • Lori

    I believe it is the tiffany clutch by goldenbleu

    • Dania

      Yep. Goldenbleau. They have a gorgeous green one as well!

  • hannah

    :neutral: it doesn’t even look good

  • lauren

    :mrgreen: i absolutely love this bag … i think it looks great!

  • Naggy

    It’s very boring. (ipad)

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