I fully admit that I’ve never been the recipient of a Valentine’s Day gift from a real Valentine; this is excluding the bouquet of wildflowers my lovely father sends me every February 14. And just last week, I received a wonderful care package from my mother including a plastic lunchbox with a printed smattering of pink and white hearts. That was very interesting, but in the case that I do have a real, live Valentine this year, this is what I’d love him to get me. But keep in mind, pals, the flowers are enough. Remember that you’re talking to (erm, reading about) a girl who was massively excited by a plastic case.

1. Purple Irises: Part of the reason why I love my wildflower bouquets is because they often come with some irises in a vibrant shade of purple, my absolute favorite color. I know, purple foxgloves can appear in these bouquets as well but I find them alarming because they are tubular and can induce poisoning. Sorry to ruin the mood, guys. Buy through Beyond Blossoms.

2. Alexander Wang Darla Pyramid Clutch: This clutch is neither pink nor red, but it’s my current clutch obsession so I see no objection to including it on my wish list for the most lovable of days. It represents the birth of my now-growing love affair with Alexander Wang, so despite its rugged, pebbled, and studded exterior, it’s symbolically perfect for the holiday. Buy through Shopbop for $490.

3. Hunter Stripe Socks: Since I have an inordinate amount of stuffed creatures from my childhood years, and apparently stuffed animals are commonly given on this day, I’ll substitute those for a lovely pair of socks. I know, they’re two totally different things, but I need some new long socks and these ones nearly knocked me down by their softness a few weeks ago in Nordstroms. Since I don’t wear pink, I’ll happily take the navy and yellow version and tuck them into my obscenely high Sam Edelman Zoe Boots- that’s right, the ones I asked for in my Chanukah Wish List. Buy through Nordstrom for $14.90.

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  • courtney

    Anna- I wanted to share this song with you. Keep the dream of love alive…. YOU WILL GET A VALENTINE!!!!!! Love, Courtney Fine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdmCHezd4eI

  • Alana

    Love your list! Random, but cute!!

  • dp

    I, too, love your list. I am just a bit surprised that a red Goyard did not make it on the Valentine’s list!

    • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

      It is ALWAYS on my list. This list simply comprises things that can be purchased on line :) But just for your private records, a Goyard will always come first.

  • Naggy

    The irises win by far. (ipad)

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