Edie Parker Clutches

If you’re a bit of a magpie, listen up – we’ve got enough shine and glitter to keep you entertained for minutes on end, thanks to the retro-modern box clutchery of Edie Parker. Contrary to what the midcentury styling and name of the brand might indicate, the brand is named after designer Brett Heyman’s daughter, not Edie Sedgwick or Jack Kerouac’s wife. When you consider the brand’s aesthetic, though, the name makes sense – it sounds like it could be someone incredibly chic great aunt, who would be exactly the kind of woman to pass a timeless vintage clutch down to her grand niece.

Not blessed with a particularly chic relation from whom to receive such vintage finds? No worries, you can pick up one of these babies brand new on NeimanMarcus.com. You can skip straight to shopping, or if you’d rather, we’ve assembled a slideshow of highlights below. With vintage styling combined with modern finished, though, the entire collection is a highlight.

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  • Karen Smith

    sparkly plastic boxes for $895??? PULL THE OTHER ONE!!

  • shueaddict

    Oh, they are uber cute, all right … but 900 bucks ? At least Charlotte Olympia’s Padora box comes with 3 different inside pouches so you can tell yourself you bought 3 bags.
    I was looking at clutches for the past 2 weeks, I have loads of formal do’s coming and “only” 3 evening bags . I cannot get over the Alexander McQueen’s knuckle clutches but still don’t have the guts to shell 2k+ on a that yet.

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