It should surprise exactly no one that Christian Louboutin was well-represented on the 2013 Met Gala red carpet. Even for celebs who punted on the event’s punk theme (and there were a lot of them who didn’t exactly go for the gusto), adding a pair of Louboutin’s many spiked and studded heels or toting one of his various sharp-edged clutches was a quick way to give a nod to the punk exhibit without actually having to take too many risks or commit to a full look, which is the route that both Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba went with their Christian Louboutin Marquise Spiked Clutches.

Jessica attended the gala wearing (and on the arm of) Tory Burch, while Miranda went with and wore Michael Kors, two American designers who don’t pursue the punk aesthetic in the least. Both did a decent job selecting their gowns (if you look closer, Jessica’s lace gown is actually leather, which is pretty punk) without straying too far from punk’s aesthetic tenets, given the designers they were working with, and they chose more daring accessories to set off the look. The Marquise clutch is a solid choice – functional, despite its long, sharp spikes at each end. Miranda opted for a sleek silver python version, while Jessica went with punk favorite black.

Check out the ladies’ full looks below and let us know who you think pulled off this clutch better – Jessica or Miranda?

If you’d like a little punk of your own, pick up this clutch for $1,995 in black leather or shop the full-on punk boutique at Moda Operandi.

Jessica Alba Met Gala Christian Louboutin Marquise Clutch Miranda Kerr Met Gala Christian Louboutin Marquise Clutch

Former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel was recently spotted carrying a Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Shoulder Bag while schlubbing through puddles in NYC. I don’t particularly love Bethenny’s ensemble here, for reasons you can probably guess, but I’ll take a fab, bow-adorned Christian Louboutin bag over a pair of Louboutin’s fab-but-foot-slaying heels any day. You can currently pick up the red and grey colorway of this bag for $1,695 at Net-a-Porter.

If you’d like a glimpse at the rest of Bethenny’s rather epic, Hermes-tastic bag stash, check out “The Many Bags of Bethenny Frankel.” And if you’re more a West Coast Real Housewife type of guy or gal, feel free to peruse “The Many Bags of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” natch.

Bethenny Frankel carries a black leather Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Shoulder Bag in NYC (1) Bethenny Frankel carries a black leather Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Shoulder Bag in NYC (2) Bethenny Frankel carries a black leather Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Shoulder Bag in NYC (3) Bethenny Frankel carries a black leather Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Shoulder Bag in NYC (4)

Before she was a Dancing With the Stars castmate or a two-time Bravo reality star, Lisa Vanderpump (along with her husband Ken Todd) was simply a humble restauranteur…successful enough to live in a palatial Beverly Hills mansion. Here are Lisa and Ken scouting a location for a new restaurant in West Hollywood. Lisa is carrying a metallic gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitch Tote and wearing the Christian Louboutin Figurina Boots. Both of these designer goodies are no longer available, but you can shop both Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter.

Lisa’s second Bravo show, Vanderpump Rules, is about to start production on its second season – are you stoked? As far as I can tell, the popular consensus on this show amounts to: “MEH.” Thoughts?

Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (1) Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (2) Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (3) Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (4)

Everyone knows that your choice of travel bags is key to the imminent success or failure of your trip. Jessica Alba seems to have chosen well here, topping her hardcase luggage with a Christian Louboutin Farida Snakeskin Shopping Tote. (It’s hard to be incognito at JFK when you’re traveling with something as conspicuous as Christian Louboutin.) If snakeskin isn’t your bag (double entendre), you can buy our favorite version of the Farida – this muted grey and neon pink colorway – at Net-A-Porter for $2,195.

In case no one noticed, Jessica took a fairly lengthy break from movies after she had a second kid, but she’s recently dived right back into the pool headfirst by reprising her roles in both Sin City and Machete for their respective sequels, each due out later in 2013. We’ll all be seeing a lot more of Jessica soon enough! In the meantime, you can get your Alba fix by browsing through her Pradas and Proenza Schoulers in “The Many Bags of Jessica Alba”.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an occasion to talk about Christian Louboutin’s handbags. While not nearly as omnipresent as his platform pumps, the bags do have their own unique appeal. (No bright red bottoms though, just bright red lining. Which was definitely an oversight on someone’s part, I think.) Here’s actress Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime’s Shameless and the upcoming flick Beautiful Creatures, shopping in West Hollywood with her burgundy and black Christian Louboutin Farida Tote. I personally love this bag, even though it rather obviously cribs the Celine Luggage Tote’s style (the weird bag face, the flared gussets). I especially like it in this alternative grey and neon pink colorway, available for $2,195 at Net-A-Porter.

If you live for all things Christian Louboutin, by the way, you’re missing out on a much larger, ongoing conversation over on our sister site TalkShoes!

Christian Louboutin has been working hard to bring the awareness of its handbag collections up to par with its world-famous shoes, and the line is well on its way. The brand has transitioned well, bringing Louboutin’s signature irreverence to all of its accessories, and as a result, the brand’s handbag following continues to grow. I love a red-soled shoe, but I’ve been finding myself loving Louboutin’s bags lately as well. One of the best from the designer is the classic Sweet Charity handbag, and I’m digging this season’s design even more.

The Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Sotto Pelle is the updated version to the original, featuring sleek construction and a new leather, exclusive for Christian Louboutin, that merges quality and smoothness. This bag is built around a wooden frame to give more structure and the edging includes a pique weave which creates a slight geometric pattern. The bow on the front of the bag has been tweaked as well, with rounded studs and contrasting leather.

I adore the sleekness and glazed finish, and while the bag has been updated from the initial Sweet Charity design, it remains close to the original. I continue to lean towards shoulder/cross body bags as my new go-to, and with the holiday season upon us, I am dreaming of a very Christian Louboutin Christmas. Price is $1,695 via Christian Louboutin.

If you know Kylie Minogue, then you know that she takes her accessories, especially her shoes, very seriously. At barely five feet tall, the globally megafamous pop star likes to get an extra lift from high heels, no matter what the occasion. Not only that, but her lifelong penchant for heels has made her shoe choices a bit more adventurous than your average star – she’s not Lady Gaga levels of crazy, but she does like to make a strong shoe statement.

In these photos, Minogue is sporting Christian Louboutin Calf Hair Booties, which is a fairly conservative shoe look for her, believe it or not. What’s not conservative, on the other hand, is Kylie’s Christian Louboutin Farida Messenger Bag – the colorblocked red, pink and tan panels with bold black accents stand out strongly against an all-black ensemble. We think this is one of Louboutin’s best bags to date – what do you think? Check out more images after the jump or pick up your own Louboutin Farida bag via Neiman Marcus for $1595. (more…)

This clutch is just another example of my ever-growing love for all things Louboutin. Christian Louboutin has a knack for taking ordinary accessories and loading them with details and embellishments to make them unlike others on the market. What I personally love about Louboutin is you never know what concoction he will create. His aesthetic is one that never disappoints me – I like things a little bit on the wild side. With that in mind, the Christian Louboutin Marquise Spiked Leather Clutch is just another bag I am adding to my wish for when I save up enough money, or win the lottery, whichever comes first. (more…)

This weekend, we were busy ending summer and falling straight for fall. These lovely Louboutin Miss Zora Necklace Boots make for a great companion.

Happy Labor Day, hope your summer was as amazing as ours!

Shop Christian Louboutin via Net-A-Porter

I’ve got a little crush on Emma Roberts. I’ve seen her at quite a few events and she always seems approachable and like an overall nice girl, the kind of girl with whom you’d like to have lunch and go shopping. It doesn’t hurt that she’s Julia Roberts’ niece, but Emma has made quite a name for herself in the hard-to-enter entertainment industry and it seems the fashion industry has taken a liking to her as well, mostly because of her casual day-to-day style and ease of changing to prim and proper for events.

We all know celebrities and the rest of the world knows and loves a good red soled Christian Louboutin shoe, but many do not consider their daily bags as contenders in the accessory world. I’ve watched the designs change and over the past couple seasons Christian Louboutin has truly stepped up their handbag game. Emma seems to think so too and it looks like she just can’t get enough of her Christian Louboutin Justine Spikes Bag. (more…)

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