Christian Dior Logo Charms HandbagI must admit I love me some Dior. I love the elegance, I love the name, I love the logo. I just love it. And usually to be able to afford a Dior bag, you are looking to spend over a grand. Now if life went my way all the time (like it should), I would get a new Dior bag at least once a month.

As we begin to bring our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to an end, I bet you are all desperately waiting for clutches and wallets. Of course I am pulling through, it’s what I do!

Isabella Fiore Continental Wallet

I want to start off with the fresh design of the Isabella Fiore Continental Wallet. The wallet is a longer check book style with a surprise strawberry appliqué delight.

Dior Flowers Saddle PouchI’ve been meaning to credit the Dior Saddle Bag for the longest time, and finally comes the day that I do so. What the Kelly to Hermes, and what the classic monogram is to LV, Dior’s is the Saddle Bag. The form is just extraordinarily sexy and timeless, and as much as the bags were withheld from the general public in their earliest days, these days we can consider ourselves lucky to have unrestricted access to the Saddles.

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