Dior Rabbit Fur Large D BagApparently fall must be equated with furry animals. I really like animals, not all over my body though. I don’t mind fur lined or trimmed things- but all over fluffy bag is a little too fluffy. I actually started off not liking this Dior Rabbit Fur Large D Bag, and have been starting to like it a little more the more I look at it. Call me crazy but there is something alluring about the bag. The Dior Rabbit Fur Large D Bag is made of sumptuous rabbit fur and smooth calfskin leather with divine topstitching. The shoulder straps are long enough so that the bag won’t wedge up under your arm. The bag shows off the sophisticated frame structure with gusseted sides and two magnetic snaps. A Dior bag wouldn’t be a Dior bag without the leather and silver metal D charm and the polished silver metal CD rivets. Lined in only the finest Dior Logo textile lining, the inside also features a zipped pocket and a leather Dior patch. If you realize that a few little bunny foo-foo’s are missing in the forest, realize they may be part of the 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 6″ large size of the bag. I’m not hating on this bag, cause I would buy it, even with its hefty $1,895 price tag via eLuxury.

christian dior flowers handbagI never liked work. But I sure liked to play dress up. I would dress up in anything, my mom’s clothes, my dad’s clothes, I’d write on my clothes, kitchen pots and pans, dirt, anything. As the years kept passing me by, I realized I would have to stop playing dress up and actually be forced to dress up because real people in the real world do that (Fake world, please take me back!). But I have always been able to find the positives in everything in my life, even if it is absurd. This positive I have found in work is absurd to my rational father and frugal mother, and probably the rest of the practical world, but in my world it makes perfect sense. If you must get a real job, why not spend that real money on a really nice bag? I refuse to ever be the business lady with the ugly suit and the uglier bag. No way! For all of you ladies who have been saving up for a new work bag, I have my eyes set on one that most of you will let your mouths drop and drool over. The Dior Romantic Flowers Leather Tote is to die for.

Dior has always had a way of drawing attention to their glamorous bags, and this new tote is nothing less than astonishing. Made with polished grained calf leather, the bag manifests its beauty in warm brown and shimmering floral embroidery with a butterfly on the front of the bag. The handles are topstitched leather with leather-covered polished silver metal C and D links and CD rivets. The brown logo jacquard interior provides a zipped pocket, patch pocket, and cell phone pocket. The dimensions are important to follow, because the tote is not huge- so make sure before you buy it if it is for work purposes it will fit all of your grown-up supplies. The measurements are 12″ (at top; bottom length is 9.75″) x 8.25″ (at center; height at sides is 7.5″) x 4.5″ (at base). So be that dress up girl that does the real world right- buy this fabulous little Dior tote via eLuxury for $1,080.

Dior Cannage ToteI love a good black bag. It’s like the little black dress in the closet every girl must have. And I love Dior. It is high end fashion that intertwines style and elegance. This is why I am in absolute love with the Dior Cannage Tote. Apparently Dior has used the cannage stitching previously, and they have revisited the past to bring the gorgeous style to the alluring present. I see this bag being perfect for the in-style working girl or the shopper or just anyone! It is black and can be used for just about anything.

The tote is made of smooth leather and shows off the Dior cannage-stitching on front and back. The handles are made of rolled leather and feature polished silver metal “D” charms which adds a little bling to the black classic look of the tote. The tote also has a long outer pocket on the back with magnetic snap closure, magnetic snap closure with additional snaps at the sides, and of course protective bottom feet. The inside is lined with tone-on-tone logo jacquard canvas lining and has a zipped pocket. Sizing up at 14.5″ x 11″ x 5.5″ makes this tote large enough to carry whatever you may need. For a not awful but not cheap $1,280 this black tote is ready at eLuxury.

Dior Tie Dye Crocodile Detective BagAfter recently jumping on the Dior Detective bandwagon, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. Vlad has found and posted about two intriguing Large Detective bags coming out for fall, but now there is something even better. Julie from Purseuing has spotted in Elle magazine the Dior Tie-Dye Crocodile Detective Bag which will be avaliable this fall in a few select Dior boutiques. My high hopes is that one makes it’s way down to Bal Harbour (which it should!) and I can go gawk over the sight of it. I just want to see one up close and personal, but I know I won’t be buying it. This seriously out of the ordinary bag starts off at $18,240. I am sure no matter how much I could try to justify that purchase to myself, my bank would never let it happen. Actually, I know it is so unfeasible it is not even funny. The Tie-Dye Detective bag will be made in red, lilac and brown. John Galliano, who is known for his outrageous designs and mouth, is now being credited with being the first to pull-off tie-dying crocodile leather. How he did it baffles me. He may be totally odd but he is a pure genius. Galliano says that this bag is intended for “the hippie chick that grew up and the classicist who’s a rocker at heart”. Problem is I am sure at least one million Americans meet that description but only a handful are able to spend that much on a bag and then only a handful of those will be important enough to be the select few that are on the list who will eventually end up being able to buy it.

Fall Dior Detectives

Behold the Dior Fall Detective Bags! Prices for the faux crocs are still up in the air.

Sometimes I forget that we have neglected some cornerstones of the handbag market. Shame on us. Big shame on us for this one. Over the weekend while strolling through Bal Harbor, (which by the way is my favorite mall of all time that I miss more than anything in the world) I made my usual necessary stop into the Christian Dior store. Now, if any of you are from or know about South Florida, you know the wealth is never ending. The women/couples/moms/kids walking in one of many exorbitantly high end stores were dropping thousands. I wanted to join them, but had to hold back. So as I went into the Dior store I couldn’t help but be drawn to the Detective bags. The Dior Detective bags have been out for a while and immediately were drawn into the spot light. To me they were really different and eye catching but I did not appreciate their true beauty until I saw them in person. To sum them up, they are absolutely-stunningly-astonishing pieces of art. I am in love. In absolute total utter love. Luckily I have decided this sassy girl needs a treat, and have decided to indulge myself in purchasing one later this week. Yay for me, and boo for my wallet. Oh well, it will be more than worth it.

Christian Dior Large Detective BagSo let’s get on to the bags. Recently Christian Dior released the Large Dior Detective Bag, which is very similar to the Medium Dior Detective Bag but of course a bit larger. From the eye the difference can be seen in the added base which unzips to show off an extra compartment for any gadget or piece of clothing you may which to stash inside. The Dior Detective Large Bag seemed to be more of a carry on bag to me than an everyday bag. The Large Detective features none other than the finest calfskin leather with decorative stitching in the iconic doctor’s bag shape that shows off a stream-lined frame. In case you worry about anyone being able to do a run by theft from the un-secure closure, never fear. This Dior bag uses a thin leather strap with magnetic snap which folds over the frame of the bag for extra added security. Of course the focal points of the bag are in the two snapped front pockets with dangling silver-and-leather “C” and “D” charms, which of course are eye candy to all on-lookers. Other features of the bag are polished silver metal hardware and CD rivets, satin lining, a zipped pocket in the upper compartment, rolled leather handles with a 4″ drop, and protective metal feet. Now beauty of the Dior Detective bag in the large size does not come cheap at all. Measuring in at 14.5″ x 10″ x 6.5″ this bag will cost you an exorbitant $2,790 at eLuxury.

Medium Dior Detective BagSo similar to the Large Detective is of course the other Dior “It” bag of the season, the Medium Dior Detective Bag. At the store I saw it offered in black, white (but almost more of an off-white cream color), and an absolutely stunning red. My vote, and the bag I will be splurging on, is the red. Simply divine. An online picture of this bag does not do it justice. Not at all. When I picked up the bag and toted it around the store, I was in love. So was the sales rep who so badly wanted to sell it to me right then and there. I am guessing he is paid to tell every customer how lavish and extravagant the person holding the bag looks, but for my ego I will pretend he just really meant it for me. The Detective is love at first sight. Why the bag is different than the rest is because of its elegantly curved frame “doctor bag” shape which opens to a tan-and-white logo flowered lining. Ahh I am still melting. The bag of course features only the best and smoothest leather and boasts the glory of two snapped front pockets with dangling “C” and “D” charms. Other features include a leather-trimmed zip pocket and a patch pocket on the inside, rolled leather handles, and protective metal feet. If you have questioned buying this bag, I would advise you to question no longer. Hands down the detective bag (along with this new limited edition Gucci hobo we saw :-) ) manifests a quality and aura like none other. This bag is available at any Christian Dior boutique or shop online at eLuxury and buy it for $1,650.

Christian Dior Logo Charms HandbagI must admit I love me some Dior. I love the elegance, I love the name, I love the logo. I just love it. And usually to be able to afford a Dior bag, you are looking to spend over a grand. Now if life went my way all the time (like it should), I would get a new Dior bag at least once a month. I must be doing something wrong, rather let’s blame it on Vlad. HE must be doing something wrong cause’ I’m not getting that one new Dior bag a month right now (jk!!! ;-) )

Lately I have been trying to incorporate affordable handbags within the designer glam bags. I do realize that spending $500 is not seen as a steal by most people, but considering that this is a Dior bag I think that price range is quite nice compared to the rest of their high end bags. The Dior Logo Charms Leather Bag is crafted from supple calfskin available in either white or black adorned with polished silver metal hardware. The shape is simple but sophisticated with the attention being drawn to the Dior initials that form a part of the adjustable strap, spelling out Dior. Ahh another perk! The adjustable strap. I am well aware that women that wear couture Dior fashion are fitted around a size 2, and last time I checked most women are not that size. Same goes with a handbag. It does matter the shoulder strap drop to the bag, because some women do not have twig arms. The major focal point, besides the Dior letter-charms is the glamorous over sized “D” charm that functions as the zipper pull. The inside is lined with logo jacquard lining with a patch pocket and the bags dimensions are 9.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″. This bag is simple everyday grandeur. Available via eLuxury for $530, which like I said for Dior is quite a steal.

As we begin to bring our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to an end, I bet you are all desperately waiting for clutches and wallets. Of course I am pulling through, it’s what I do!

Isabella Fiore Continental Wallet

I want to start off with the fresh design of the Isabella Fiore Continental Wallet. The wallet is a longer check book style with a surprise strawberry appliqué delight. It is made of green leather with pink lining, silver metal logo plate on front corner, with ten credit-card slots, ID slot, money pocket and a snap closure. For a mere $140 this treat is avaliable at Neiman Marcus.

Dior Jacquard Flap Clutch

And for a classic elegant clutch, Christian Dior gets my vote. The Dior D’Trick Jacquard Flap Clutch is absolutely divine. The classic logo jacquard pattern is presented in glittery pink lamé, accented by perforated patent leather and a polished silver metal “D” clasp. The clutch is 8.75″ x 3.75″ x 2″ and can be found at ELuxury for $365.

BE&D Studded Clutch

Now for a younger more carefree look there is the BE&D Studded Clutch. The clutch is made of beige lambskin with cognac lambskin trim. What gives it the funky edge is the tarnished golden hardware and scattered stud detail. It also has a top flap with extended buckle tab, snap closure, and zip pocket and is sized at 5 1/2″H x 11″W x 1″D. This little piece can be yours for $485 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Whipsnake Clutch

I’m saving the best for last, rather the most expensive for last. Rounding out the pack is the Dolce & Gabbana Floral Whipsnake Clutch. What a name, what a clutch, what a price! I’m gonna have to take Saks’ description because it hits the nail on the head:
Chic, floral whip snakeskin clutch opens to reveal gold leather gusset for expansion. Gold metal trim with signature logo and screw studs. Magnetic snap flap, detachable gold chain. Metallic gold suede lining with pocket. 5″H X 8″L X 1½”W” If that is the perfect gift you are looking for, buy it at Saks for $1,125.00.

Dior Flowers Saddle PouchI’ve been meaning to credit the Dior Saddle Bag for the longest time, and finally comes the day that I do so. What the Kelly to Hermes, and what the classic monogram is to LV, Dior’s is the Saddle Bag. The form is just extraordinarily sexy and timeless, and as much as the bags were withheld from the general public in their earliest days, these days we can consider ourselves lucky to have unrestricted access to the Saddles. Which of the Saddles you will call your own someday depends mainly on your funds, of course.

I’ve decided to go with the entry Saddle level with the Vintage Flowers Saddle Pouch. The bags have been reinvented over the years, and this season the tendency gears towards going back to the roots. The classic logo jacquard is embroidered with elegant flowers to add a delightful burst of spring color. A leather trim and silver metal hardware round off the glamorous package. For a reasonable $350 at Eluxury.

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