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Not only is she absolutely stunning, she also has quite a sense of style. Who am I speaking of you may ask? Why none other than the South African princess, Charlize Theron. Recently, the blond bombshell appeared at the Aeon Flux Hollywood Premiere looking better than ever and sporting none other than a Christian Dior clutch. The Dior Detective Velvet Wrist Clutch perfectly accented Theron’s dress and overall look adding a little deep rouge glam. This clutch has caught my eye before, yet I couldn’t quite seem to justify the price of $770 via eLuxury for it. But Charlize sure could, and I give her 4 thumbs up on that look! What a hottie!! :-D

Dior Detective Medium BagWe all know and love the Dior Detective bag. I haven’t been hearing about the bag as much lately, but I still love the shape and style of this bag. Just for all of you Detective lovers, there is a new spring color awaiting you. Why not be a little bold and daring and opt for a light green colored hit bag? This bag comes with a lot of attitude, but I know some of you ladies could easily rock it out. Just like the classic detective bag but with a little more zing and zang with its flirty color, this Dior Detective Medium Handbag is a framed bag is made of smooth leather with topstitched detail. There are of course the two snapped front pockets with dangling “C” and “D” charms that we all know as the watermark of this bag (along with the framed shape). The lining will also be reminiscent of spring with its satin-finish and tan-and-white logo flowers lining. The handles of the bag are made of rolled leather, there are protective metal feet, and there is an inside zip pocket and patch pocket. All of the specs, including the size (12″ x 6″ x 5″), are the same as the ‘old’ detective, but I felt the need to refresh your memory on the stats and throw in the new color for all of you to admire. Unfortunately, the price tag has stayed in that crazy high price range. Buy this Dior handbag through eLuxury for $1800. What a steal right? ;-)

Dior Embroidered Flowers Frame Bag

Sometimes I want a slouchy bag to offset and outfit, but some days a structured shape is what I’d like. If you are into the structure, into flowers, and into Dior, then you may be into the Dior Embroidered Flowers Frame Bag. And again, I was tipped off by Noriko to have this lovely bag added to Viewer’s Choice Monday! The structured body of this bag is assembled from supple white leather and adorned with pastel floral embroidery. The topstitching is intricately woven in zigzags along the frame. The polished silver metal hardware only helps this gleaming white beauty shine a little more. The leather handles show off C and D links. On the inside you will find a zipped pocket and Dior Logo textile lining. I like the feel of this bag. I’m not quite sure it could be pulled off everyday of the week/month/year (yup, you’d be a fashion don’t even though it is a Dior), but if you need a white bag for spring, this bag should make it onto your wish-list. I have a wish-list that is completely too long and completely unrealistic, but I could see this bag making its way onto the list. The bag measures 12″ x 6″ x 5″ and can be purchased through eLuxury also for $1725.

Dior Japanese Patchwork Saddle BagThe Dior saddle bags have been quite the hit. The styles and materials very so much, that if you like the shape of the bag you are almost guaranteed to like a design at some point. And for this Viewer’s Choice Monday, one of our leading ladies on the forum, Noriko, has set her sights on the Dior Japanese Patchwork Saddle Bag. For the saddle bags, this is definitely one of my favorites. It reminds me of the beautiful beaches that I grew up by, rather than the snow and grey skies up north. The Japanese-inspired blossoms bloom is laid out over a landscape of pure white canvas which is trimmed with caramel leather. Between the floral print and the creamy leather trim, this bag just kind of makes you want to smile. Showing off a little glam, there are the signature silver metal hardware C and D charms with the leather shoulder strap. The large silver metal D charm dangling from flap gives way to the flap closure. Inside you will find fine logo jacquard canvas lining and a zipper pocket. The saddle sizes up at 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.5″, and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you have been looking for a flirty floral saddle, then grab this Christian Dior Handbag through eLuxury for $1,080.

Dior Diorissimo HoboTo logo or not to logo; that is the question. In many cases, I say ‘Nay’, but in some cases I say ‘Yay’. So let’s see who are our logo fans out there… and who are not. For this Parisian-chic structured hobo, I say “Bellissimo”! The Dior Diorissimo Hobo looks structured, fun, and logofied. The hobo features the classic Dior Logo jacquard canvas and is trimmed with leather. If you want to opt for a less showy bag, this bag is offered in black logo/black leather trim. But if you want to add some flirty fun, like I would do, you can opt for the beige logo/red trim (shown). Another fun part about this bag are the 4 pop-out pockets neatly placed on the bag; 2 in the front with buckle details, and 1 flap pocket on each side. The shoulder strap is leather and the inside is lined in satin finished twill and has an interior snap pocket. If you love to hear the sizes, here ya go: 13.5″ (including side pockets) x 8.5″ x 6.75″ (including front pockets) — this is the exact sizing the site provides. I dig the structured look of the bag, and for some reason I don’t feel like this Christian Dior handbag was logo splurged on. What do you all think? For $890 through eLuxury, you can add this logo bag to your collection.

This was just too good to pass it up. Christian Dior‘s John Galliano presented their Spring ’06 collection with an event garlanded with the kind of pomp and power only the French can bestow upon the business of fashion – as’s Sarah Mower described the important fashion event in Paris’ Grand Palais.

As we don’t care as much for the dresses (they are fantastic nonetheless), the full focus of our attention definitely aims for the dazzling Dior Saddle bag, which was presented in a new, softly folded variation that we had yet to see. Although the colors suggest more of a fall feeling than spring, the shape and materials suggest a very comfortable shoulder bag with its traditional saddle shape, yet modern assets in form of a brass key and a medallion. Will ’06 be the Year of the Key? We sure will see, but for now I’ll leave you with the first impressions of the new Dior Saddle:

Christian Dior Spring 2006 Bag Preview

Christian Dior Spring 2006 Bag Preview

Christian Dior Spring 2006 Bag Preview

Christian Dior Spring 2006 Bag Preview


Dior Flight Shearling Saddle BagDior has become well known for its saddle bags. This one brings a little twist (and texture) into the mix. The Dior Flight Shearling Saddle Bag integrates the shearling style of the moment with the high end designer name and shape. The bag is made of soft and plush shearling with smooth leather trim and is accented with polished silver metal hardware. The shoulder straps also bring in both the shearling and leather with the signature Dior silver metal CD charms. Along with all the aviator flight appeal, there is an oversized silver metal D charm dangling from the flap, a back snapped pocket, a flap closure with Velcro (that’s right, Velcro) under the leather strap, and is lined with fine logo jacquard canvas lining. The dimensions are 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.5″. I think the bag looks more appealing for the feel of the shearling than anything else. You can take flight with this puppy for $1390 via eLuxury.

Dior Homme Classic Large Flap Messenger BagJust like Vlad said, an apology for yesterday. Vlad helped me move into my new place yesterday (and by help I mean he did it all while I watched and carried the small things- like a water bottle and my keys). I only moved one street away from where I lived before, but it still is the complete biggest pain ever. Since jet lag has still been hanging around, I’ve been waking up around 4:45 am and watching the news and infomercials – so far I haven’t spent any non-sensical money on the wrinkle removing cream or lotion that makes you lose 10 lbs on first application ;-). So yesterday while I was a bit lazy and not-so-helpful, I sat on some boxes and started to think about what bags I need to focus more on. Wa-la. Man Bags!! Now what I do know is many men carry bags- they may not want to call it a bag, but it is. All that being said I know there are men who would love a trendy bag to carry to work. This Dior Homme Classic Large Flap Messenger may not suit every guy’s fancy- but it sure comes close for me!

Dior has brought in it’s fashion with a simple sleek edge for a messenger bag. The area where I see some men not wanting the bag is the slightly visible tone-on-tone Dior logos which are all over the textured coated canvas. The bag features a smooth leather trim and brushed palladium-finished hardware. The man messenger bag can either be worn over one shoulder or strung across the chest with the 14″ to 29″ varying drop. Sizing up at 13″ x 12″ x 4″, the bag is big enough for a laptop and other essentials. This messenger bag can be bought through eLuxury only costs $595 (which for a Dior bag is a steal).

Dior Trotter Romantique Large Zipped BagLately I have not been the biggest fan of logos. I just hate how they are slapped all over purses as if it makes the bag that much better. I love the appeal of designer bags, but the logos just bother me sometimes. I did it too though- started off with my first designer bags being all over logofied. Yup- Coach and Louis Vuitton printed logo bags. Now, some of the logo bags are still tastefully done, while others (refer back to this Dooney and Bourke bag) are not. While being the purse and handbag browser that I am, I ran into this Dior Trotter Romantique Large Zipped Bag and felt drawn to it.

This Dior bag is not like the usual over printed logofied bags. It implements the use of the Dior logo in a way that doesn’t scream out, “Look at my biatches- I’m Dior!” The Dior Trotter Romantique Large Zipped Bag gives off a creamy chocolaty feel which makes the bag melt in my heart. This bag is made with the Dior Logo canvas with smooth leather trim and velvet piping. Luckily the color of the logo pattern blends well together which just makes it all flow perfectly together. There is a modern feel with the polished silver metal chain link shoulder straps, which keen fully have velvet woven through the links. Velvet also covers the leather shoulder pieces. My favorite part of the bag is brown velvet bow and light-blue textile-and-velvet flower on bag front. It just all meshes together so tastefully and peacefully- I love it!! The bag also features a full zip closure and textile lining with an inner zipped pocket. This beauty measures 14.2″ x 9″ x 4.25″. Call me crazy, but the price doesn’t make me want to cry- this bag is readily available for your viewing and carrying pleasures via eLuxury for $990.

Dior Detective Wrist Clutch So either I am extremely poor compared to the rest of the world, or high end designer bags are not geared towards most of us. I’m going to go with option ‘B’ to boost my self-esteem. I love the Dior Detective line. It is appealing and enthralling. So when I spotted this new little Dior Detective Velvet Wrist Clutch I really thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I can add that little number to my collection”. Yeah right. Who am I kidding? This cute little velvet bordeaux clutch has beautiful tone-on-tone topstitching, fine leather trim, and shiny polished silver leather hardware. The little clutch size is 9″ x 4″ x 2.75″ which means you will be paying $7.77 per cubic inch. Now if you ask me, nearly $8 a cubic inch is far too much for many of us to be paying for a clutch. But it is still an adorable piece to add to your wardrobe, if of course, you can afford it. {Via eLuxury for $770)

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