Ladies, we need your help. More specifically, our moderator Jill needs your help. Jill is currently in a little bit of a tight spot. Her SA was kind enough to provide her with two pictures of the Dior Rebelle, in both camel and chocolate brown. Which one should she go for? Personally, I think the choc is quite delicious, what do you think?

Dior Rebelle Bag

Dior Metallic GauchoIt may seem that I am on a metallic kick. Well, partially I am. There is just something about a metallic bag that makes me really and truly think summer is here. I don’t think I can get enough of the metallic goodness there is to offer, especially if it involves Dior ;-) The Dior Gaucho Washed Metallic Leather Medium Saddle Bag (wow that is a mouthful) bases itself on the highly sought after Gaucho bag with a fun touch of gold metallic washed leather. The hardware on this bag, as you already know, is chunky which accents the saddle features perfectly. There is antiqued silver metal links and a buckle on the shoulder strap, a Dior medallion and large key on the front, and buckle detail on the front flap. How about that for some bling bling? As far as space goes, Dior has made sure to give you every ‘holder’ possible. There is a cell phone pocket under the front flap, a back pocket with a magnetic snap, and open compartments inside. This is a bag that has already been made popular in a trendy metallic shade that just can’t seem to go out of style. Buy this beauty via eLuxury for $1660. Also, there is the large Double Saddle version for $2070 also available via eLuxury.

Dior Rebel Leather and Suede ToteWhen I was younger I always imagined that in 20 years the world would look so different. I am still waiting for flying cars and living on Mars. Until then the modern look will have to do. There is something about some accessories that is so in-your-face and futuristic. The Dior Rebel Leather and Suede Tote mixing modern touches with contemporary refinement. While this bag is not over the top it is able to get my attention with its antiqued silver metal hardware and use of pockets. As far as the pockets go, there is a front flap pocket with a chunky metal clasp and side flap pockets with magnetic buckles. The taupe calf leather and suede accenting makes this bag scream out refinement at its best. The bag measures 13.75″ x 12.5″ x 5″ at the base. If you feel Matrix like at any given moment, this bag may be the perfect accessory to make that statement. Buy it via eLuxury for $1590.

Dior Gaucho Denim Leather Medium Saddle BagNo, I can not get my mind off the Gaucho. I have seen so many of the wonderful people on the forum post their beautiful Christian Dior handbags and I still yearn for one. If you are opting for the medium bag, gander at the beautiful Dior Gaucho Denim/Leather Medium Saddle Bag. I love this color combination, and unlike the off-white shade that I want, this bag won’t show dirt as easily. This Gaucho is made of denim with calf leather trim alongside lambskin links trim and contrasting topstitching. The chunky antiqued silver metal hardware helps show off the desired look of this bag. There is something about this bag that draws me in; whether it is the medallion and large key dangling from the front, the perfectly placed square pocket under the front flap, the saddle shaped flap pocket, or the chunky silver metal hardware. If you are wanting a Gaucho as bad as me, check out the medium size (which measures 13.5″ x 7″ x 2.75″). Buy this denim beauty via eLuxury for $1,180.

Dior Wicker Frame Bag with Raffia Flowers

While carrying around a wicker and flower bag is not something I would choose to do everyday, carrying around a wicker and flower bag with the perfect dress to compliment it is something I would do. Today I feel like pairing every bag with an outfit so I can dream off to the world of fantasy and think of the outfit I would wear to accent each bag. When it comes to a wicker and flower bag, I would pair it with a perfect pink dress. The Dior Wicker Frame Bag with Raffia Flowers is a frame style bag with natural wicker and soft grained leather trim. Too add some girlyness to the bag, there are colorful raffia flowers on the front. Other features include polished silver metal hardware, leather handles with C and D links, measurements of 12″ x 6″ x 5″, and logo textile lining with a zipped pocket on the inside Ordinarily this bag does not fully do it for me, but when you pair this bag with the perfect pink dress, it compliments the outfit like no other. For my pair of the day, I elect to pair this expensive bag with an expensive but gorgeous Dior dress. Close your mouth and stop drooling over this gorgeous dress! The Dior Qian Dress with Triple Bow Detail shows off 100% silk crepe georgette with 100% silk velvet trim with a 100% approval rate on my side of the world. Can you not picture these two Dior goodies being perfectly paired together? This is where my dream world becomes a reality, the price tag. Buy the Dior handbag via eLuxury for $1800 and the dress also via eLuxury for $2355. Time to pinch myself, because this dream is sooo not becoming a reality anytime soon.

Dior Gaucho Large Double Saddle Bag

Yes, I am fully aware that we all ‘know’ the gaucho. But I haven’t yet given you every detail that you may like to know. Not to mention, being able to take some time from my life to talk about this bag makes me smile. I want one of these Christian Dior handbags so badly. Wait, let me rephrase that. I need one of these bags. Yes, this is a need basis. Put the Gaucho right next to the list of food, water, shelter, and GAUCHO! The Dior Gaucho Large Double Saddle Bag is made of supple washed calf leather which is folded over to represent a true saddle shape. Each of the flaps contains a zipped compartment (one even has a buckled cell phone pocket). There are lambskin links trim and contrast topstitching along with perfectly accenting antiqued silver metal hardware. For your shoulder’s pleasure, there is a calfskin shoulder strap with antiqued silver metal links and buckle which can adjust in size between a 11.5″ to a 14″ drop. One of my favorite additions to one of my favorite bags is the “1947″ Christian Dior medallion and large key dangling from the front of the bag. Finish the bag off with Dior logo textile lining and overall measurements of 14″ x 8.5″ x 5″ at the base of the bag. Now, I may have told you exactly what makes this bag, but the beauty of this bag cannot be put into words. For a small peace of heaven with a small fortune price, buy this bag via eLuxury for $1995.

Dior Vintage Logo Large Shopper

For this Viewer’s Choice Monday, let’s start off with the bad. Many of you over at the forum know about Noriko’s love of Christian Dior handbags, but this Dior is not really catching her eye all that much. The Dior Vintage Logo Large Shopper is a bit overwhelming for both Noriko and my own taste. Maybe you will feel different about the mix of vintage Dior logo jacquard canvas paired with smooth grained brown leather. Personally for me, it is the logo that I just don’t like. For some reason the Dior logo is too much to handle for my taste. But there is an aspect of this bag that is completely unique and could catch your eye. The zip top of this bag folds over to create a flap which buckles to the front. So really, this bag doubles over as a messenger or if you unbuckle it and use it all it makes the perfect shopper. For me, if this were a solid pattern, I would love it much more. Other features include long removable shoulder strap, rolled leather straps on the flap, a large antiqued silver metal CD plaque at the bottom, and the bag is lined in textile lining with large inside zipped pocket. The picture when the bag is rolled up may fool you, because the dimensions of 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 8.3″ reveal that this is quite the large shopper. Let Noriko and I know what you think about this one- because it seems that both she and I are a bit undecided. Buy it via eLuxury for $1295.

Dior Pony Leopard Saddle Pouch

I know that animal prints can sometimes be in style and by cute, but also can be seriously over the top. How about NO, Dior!!! What the heck is going on with this bag?! The Dior Saddle bags have come out in a plethora of styles and varieties, but some are just major no-no’s. This is definitely one of them. Feast your eyes on the Dior Pony Leopard Saddle Pouch. It reminds me of Halloween, meets drag queen, meets Mardi-Gras, meets stripper, meets ALL WRONG. Somehow, the bag is said to “exudes contemporary glamour”. I may not have been crowned Miss Glamorous 2006, but I do know that this bag is not glamour. Made from leopard-printed calf hair and finished with red calfskin and golden metal hardware, I see this bag being carried by un-stylish wanna be stylish Tarzan’s Jane. Um yes, that sentence was confusing English, but I know you followed. This mess of a bag is being sold by eLuxury for $490. Get it while it is hot and before it is sold out! I’m sure Lady Jane (above) wouldn’t mind sharing her style tips with you…

Dior Flowers Large East/West BagIf you don’t know yet, white is the “it” color for spring. And like I have said before and I am sure will repeat, white is not always easily wearable for many reasons. Take Mischa Barton for example. She made us all remember why wearing white pants can be risky. And by us, I mean women. But we can throw some white into our wardrobe in other ways. Take bags for example (duhh this is in fact the Purse Blog! ;-) ).

Dior has been growing on the ladies of my family lately. We all (by we I am referring to me, my sister, and mother) have begun to swoon over quite a few of their new bags. Coming straight from the Dior Flowers collection, this colorless Christian Dior bag has made its way into the Purse Blog family’s hearts. The Dior Flowers Large East/West Bag is a made of beautiful white soft calf leather and is quite the contender for a white spring bag. With the leather shoulder straps comes the silver-and-leather CD links, which I still love and am partial to. Structured, smooth, and sleek all come into mind when I eye this bag. You will find the top of the bag with a structured leather frame and buckle detail. Other small perks of the bag are an inside zip pocket and protective metal feet. This beauty measures 13″ x 7.5″ x 8″ and can help you make a fashionable step into spring. Buy it via eLuxury for $1655.

Dior Flight Flap ToteWhile shopping today I realized that all not all logo bags are created equal. If any of you recall, I’m not a huge fan of logo bags. Actually my mom is even more conservative than me. If a bag has a logo on it, my mom runs the other way. She doesn’t want people to know what she carries. But then again when she is carrying Gucci, Prada, and Chloe some people will most definitely eye ball and recognize her bags (just don’t tell her that- she is living in a dream world :-)). Much to my surprise when we walked into Dior she immediately was drawn to a certain logo bag and liked it not just on me but also on her. The world gets a little funnier every day!

The Dior Flight Flap Tote shows off the new Dior logo denim canvas and is trimmed in dark blue calfskin. For any of you wondering what one of the next big colors out there is, my mom and I saw orange/rustic orange being shown by many designers (which my mom loves- hint hint dad if you are looking or anyone else who can afford a bag for my mom because I am officially broke!). To show off some aspects from the Dior Flight line, there is an orange canvas belt detail and an orange neoprene Dior Flight tag hanging. For a little more of that hip orange color, the bag shows off orange topstitching. On the outside there is a handy pocket with button details and a snap closure. The inside of the bag has a zip pocket and satin finished textile lining. Also a big perk of the Christian Dior handbag is that it expands a bit by adjusting the side belts. When I tried the bag on, the rolled leather handles with polished silver metal links fit perfectly under my arm and the bag just looked almost too cute to pass up. Then again, if I were buying bags because they were too cute to pass up today, I would be stalked by all major credit card companies starting right about now. The bag is a good everyday size of 16.5″ x 11.4″ x 7.5″. Available through the lovely Dior boutiques or eLuxury for $1425.

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