Kate Upton Dior Bar Bag Rag and Bone Enfield Mini Shoulder Bag

Air travel frequently calls for multiple carry-ons, which gives discerning handbag shoppers like Kate Upton ample opportunity to flaunt a few of their latest acquisitions. Here’s Ms. Upton arriving at the airport in NYC, carrying two bags: the little white croc-embossed one is a Rag & Bone Enfield Mini Shoulder Bag, and the big black one with intricate floral detailing is a Dior Bar Bag (named after the famous Dior bar-waist jackets). Dior doesn’t sell its bags online, of course, but you can pick up the Rag & Bone bag for $550 at Shopbop.

I enjoy how the random passersby in these pics all seem to be having the same epiphany at once: this person is far too attractive NOT to be a celebrity. (I’m sure the paparazzi cameras were also a big giveaway.) Kate was recently featured in our special, supermodels-only edition of our “Many Bags of” series, which you can find here. Her handbag collection isn’t quite big enough to merit her own “Many Bags” feature just yet, but that will certainly not be the case by this time next year.

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  • Lea

    She’s a little fat…

    • billionaire

      She is healthy and your ignorant. This is purse blog not shape magazine.

      • Lea

        I.m very healthy too, and ,thank God , I’m thin..in good shape!
        Beeing fat is not like beeing healthy, its rather instead
        It’s my opinion, you should respect the opinions of others.
        Ignorant you! That ignores the self expression freedon as a right
        I probably have studed more then you , be educated! Respecfull too!

      • coop

        I think you should take your own advice and “be educated.” Your comment was incredibly hard to read.

      • Averil

        I love how @Lea claims to have “studed” more “then” you… Hilarious!

        Yeah she doesn’t look all that modelesque here but I bet it’s just due to the shapelessness of the sweater. Besides, I think we’ve got enough stick-thin models out there, I like Kate Upton as she is =)

    • Mya Wilkes

      You should be SUPER ashamed of yourself!!! You are part of the worlds problem and why young girls/women are harming themselves and even killing themselves to look skinny. And to think you are a woman, Shame on you!

    • Gina


  • billionaire

    I also love that Dior bag.

  • Caroline

    @lea. Commenting on women’s body shape – whatever it may be – is disrespectful, and plain mean.

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  • Cindy

    I like her shoes. Who makes them?

    • Remi

      They’re Dolce and Gabbana

  • Maryellen

    I agree, she’s a little fat…

    • guest

      You are probably obese.

  • Maryellen

    She’s a little less fatty then the girl at her right side….:-))))))

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