Christian Dior Spring 2013 Handbags (5)

The fashion industry has been waiting with baited breath for months to see what Raf Simons would do in his historic first collection for Dior. The Belgian wunderkind has a penchant for minimalism and is known for his modern, forward-thinking approach, which many speculated would be difficult to reconcile with Dior’s midcentury heritage and strongly feminine identity. As it turns out, Raf did a pretty bang-up job.

What we care about, of course, are the handbags from Dior Spring 2013. Raf’s team succeeded there as well – the bags were familiar, but not as overly-complicated as they tended to be during John Galliano’s tenure at the storied French house. On the Lady Dior bags, for example, all of the hardware was covered in the same material as the bag, slightly modernizing a brand favorite. A new, sleek north-south satchel featured a tucked-in waist of sorts, reflective of the New Look silhouette that made Dior famous. Check out the full collection after the jump.

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  • Magzc

    Seems like everyone is coping Celine and Hermes, very simple (super simple) but elegant :)

    • sandy

      you’re really naive if you believe that. other brands have also been designing with minimalism in mind before this whole celine obsession the fashion world has developed?

      • Joshua

        Yeah. The Lady Dior Bag has been in existence WAY before the whole Celine craze.

  • ???

    really love these spring 2013 purses…haven’t liked dior purses for a while.

  • kathleen

    LOVE the croc tote!! Everything about it is perfect.

  • bir

    the croc degrade in black is sublime ! the NEW LOOK silhouette on a bag is interesting refined and something worth looking at not that i adore it but i do like it !

  • Jackie Ellis

    I really love the Lady Dior .. I’m wondering however what the letters and hardware is covered in. While the ‘O’ seems to be covered in leather, the other letters and hardware seems to be some sort of matching coloured lacquer which could possibly chip?

  • Amanda

    I love the Lady Dior, so beautiful!

  • camilla

    I like the second bag, it’s new. The first one is booooring always the same old shape and it makes you look old…

  • Joanna

    Love them all.

  • billionaire

    I love them all.

  • Joy Xu

    BIG fan of this season !!!

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