Chloe Edith

As far as “IT” bags go, the Chloe Edith made it on the list last season. While the season may be over, the bag is still hot, in my opinion. The Chloe Edith Leather Bag is available in a perfect for fall a gorgeous gray-green color. The Edith can easily be worn during the day and dressed up at night. On the bag there is a front pouch pocket, oversized black stitching, silver buckle fastenings, and doubles handles. For fall, my color of choice is a olive green shade, and this bag marks the spot. Still on my list of most wanted bags, this bag can be purchased via Net-A-Porter for $1275.

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  • Michelle

    what colors especially orangish colors if any does the edith chloe’ bag comein ?

  • Gretchen

    I love this edith bag, it has so much room and the green shade is gorgeous anytime of the day.The only flaw is that this bag is heavy to begin with,after putting all my stuff in it i can barely carry it.

  • Naggy

    This is far too boring, but I like the color. (ipad)

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