Here’s a laid-back Alyson Hannigan, enjoying some down time with her husband Alexis Denisof in LA. (Alexis is a popular character actor you may recognize from How I Met Your Mother, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, perhaps?) Her beige bag is the Chloe Lucy Bag, which debuted on Chloe’s Fall 2012 runway. I think it’s cute how she paired this bag with almost color-matching espadrilles. You can grab a Lucy for yourself for $2,995 at FarFetch.

We were instantly enamoured with the Lucy when we saw it on the runway last year, but we’ve never been a fan of its price tag. When other popular Chloe bags like the Marcie (which I prefer greatly) retail for a full grand less, how can a girl justify ponying up that much scratch for what is a fairly modestly sized, modestly styled shoulder bag? Those gold chains aren’t real gold, after all.

Here’s actress/ballroom dancer Julianne Hough, exiting a party for Paper Denim & Cloth in LA with her creamy snakeskin Chloe Sally Bag. You can get a similarly snazzy “lizard skin” version of this bag at FarFetch for $2,479. If you’re looking for a more basic Sally (or you’re wary of “lizard skin”), you can buy a white textured leather version of the Sally for $1015 at Net-a-Porter.

Julianne Hough’s career trajectory is quite an interesting one – after several years as a celeb partner on Dancing With The Stars, she made the successful leap to movies. Mostly movies that also required a little fancy footwork at first, like Burlesque, Footloose and Rock of Ages. In 2013, however, she became a leading lady at last with her role in the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven. She’ll also have a leading role in Diablo Cody’s next project, a film called Paradise.

If you played along yesterday with our Net-a-Porter x PurseBlog Ultimate Fashion Hunt riddle and came up with the Chloe Alison Cotton and Leather Shopper as your answer, then congrats! You might be the lucky lady (or gent, I suppose) who gets to call this bag your very own. The winner is being contacted and we’ll publicly reveal the winners of all three bags at the end of the contest, but first, we want to talk a little bit about why this is one of the bags that we chose to give away with our friends at Net-a-Porter. (As if its charms weren’t already obvious.) (more…)

Is it just me, or is Chloe experiencing something of a mini renaissance these past few weeks? They just reissued the Chloe Paddington in celebration of their 60th anniversary, and their recent runway show boasted some of the best bags of Paris Fashion Week. Celebs suddenly seem to be digging their Chloe bags out of the back of their closets. Case in point: Here’s Hilary Duff picking up some takeout in Beverly Hills while carrying a Chloe Marcie Crossbody. You can pick up this same bag in “Nut” for $1,295 at Nordstrom.

The Marcie has been around since 2009, and while some variation of it pops up in many of our “The Many Bags Of…” posts, this one seems to be strangely absent from Hilary’s dizzying designer handbag tour! If you love the rest of Hilary’s outfit as much as you love a Chloe Marcie, her shoes are the ever-popular Isabel Marant Bekket Wedge Sneakers, available from Net-A-Porter for $640.

I bet I’m not the only one among us who had her introduction to high-end designer bags with the Chloe Paddington. Back in late 2005, I was a college student who had just found the PurseForum, and something about the Paddington (Was it the lock? The handle attachments? Who knows.) sucked me straight in, just as it had sucked in so many others before me. By then, waiting lists were already a mile long and getting longer; the fashion industry was in a full-on Paddington panic, and the fervor we saw last year over the Celine Luggage Tote doesn’t even compare. Now, eight years after its launch, the Paddington is back on store shelves as part of Chloe’s 60th anniversary celebration. But do you care? (more…)

Here’s Victoria Secret Angel and generalized supermodel Candice Swanepoel, trying to dodge a few overly friendly advances from fans and paparazzos while carrying a beige Chloe Sally Bag at the airport in LA. Nice try, Candice – you can do your best to keep a low profile by wearing designer shades and a beanie, but you’re still a gorgeous super model who people can spot from a mile away. Currently, the closest variation of the Sally available online is this smaller, highlighter hued version in “Orange Fizz”, available for $1,695 at Nordstrom.

The Sally has been around for several seasons now; in fact, we first started talking about it here on PurseBlog in 2009! It’s very possible this bag is nearing the end of its shelf life, so if you love it, snatch one up soon!

Under the guidance of Clare Waight Keller, Chloe has been pretty much impeccable when it comes to retro-modern femininity. Looking for something in peach, blush or ivory, but want it without the saccharine sweetness that often accompanies those shades? Go directly to Chloe, do not pass go, do not collect $200. For Fall 2013, though, Waight Keller had something slightly tougher in mind, but her vision was no less-spot on.

In that vein, the handbags of Chloe Fall 2013 are a bit stronger (visually, not quality-wise) than what we’ve seen from the brand in the recent past, and the season’s accessories also have a keen sense of functionality. The bigger bags, both monotone and bicolor, are structured so that you could probably fit your regular stuff plus a change of clothes inside of them without looking over-packed, and the exotic versions are a particular delight.

[Photos via Vogue]

I hate fake leather. I know that animal rights activists have a very good reason for preferring it, and I respect people like Stella McCartney, who have pledged not to ever use real leather in their work. Taking an ethical stand instead of a financial one is something that few people have the nerve to do. I won’t be buying those bags, and I’ll question their astronomical price points, but it doesn’t bother me in the least that they exist. Sometimes there are even design goals that physically can’t be met with a leather handbag, and I’m fine with that too.

What bothers me is when a brand like Chloe, which uses tons of leather, releases something like the extremely simple Chloe Faux Leather Tote and charges just shy of a thousand dollars for it. The bag is meant to look like leather, except without any of the luxury of fine leather or the ethical warm-fuzzies of buying something from Stella McCartney. So…what’s the point exactly? (more…)

I have some good news and some bad news. First, the good news: the Chloe Lucy Bag, which everyone adored when we included it in our Chloe runway coverage and our Fall 2012 runway wrap-up, has finally become available online, and its first landing spot is at Matches Fashion. Yay! The first sighting of a major runway lust object available for purchase always gives me heart palpitations. The bad news? We need to have a discussion about its price. (more…)

Ever since Clare Waight Keller took the top creative spot at Chloe, I’ve been an unrepentant fangirl. Waight Keller has required an incredibly short turnaround time to set the brand back on a chic path that many had felt it lost after the exit of Phoebe Philo several years ago, and the collections, from ready-to-wear to accessories to shoes, have all improved by leaps and bounds in just over a year. I’ve been impatiently anticipating the arrival of Chloe’s next big bag for that entire time, and now that it’s ostensibly here, I’m…underwhelmed.

You probably recognize the Chloe Angie Tote from the brand’s Spring 2012 ads on everything from fashion magazines to bus shelters, not to mention that the brand seems to have made a push to get it into the hands of taste-making celebrities (most notably so far, the new Olsen). Usually, a brand picks well when choosing a piece to promote this heavily, and I’d expect that from Chloe in particular. After all, if anyone should know the power of an It Bag, it’s Chloe. But the Angie? I’m not convinced, not by a mile. (more…)

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