Lorde Chloe Baylee Bag

Here’s pop star Lorde, shopping at Rag & Bone and Free People in West Hollywood with new celeb pal/fellow pop star Taylor Swift. As you can see she’s paired a navy and white Chloe Baylee Bag with a black sweater, a textured skirt, oddly prominent Nike socks and an imposing pair of oxfords with ridiculously thick soles. You can currently get a Baylee bag like Lorde’s for $2,050 at Nordstrom. I imagine with her very recent ascent to pop stardom, Lorde is just starting to amass designer handbags – it’ll be interesting to see what appears on her arm in the coming months.

It’s always a little weird to see high-profile celebs randomly buddying it up around LA. Whenever stars shop together within plain sight of paparazzi cameras, I can’t help but feel like some sort of cred transaction is actually taking place. In this case, Taylor gets to look a little edgier, and Lorde gets a bump among T-Swift fans. (I’m not entirely sure she actually needs one, so maybe there is a grain of authentic friendship here.)

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  • Denise

    Only thing I don’t like about that bag is the strap.

    • evinperi

      agree. the strap just doesn’t match with the bag.

  • KMoya

    NOO I don’t like Taylor. My 13 year old niece won tickets to the Grammys and asked Taylor if she could take a picture. Taylor responded “I can’t because for security reasons…” SHE WAS ONLY 13!!!

  • gucciouchi

    Does anyone know where to get the handbag Taylor is carrying?

    • www.5bags.us

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  • http://batman-news.com Spiffymish

    Taylor is carrying the Dolce&Gabbana Sara pebbled frame shoulder bag

  • http://www.thebaghoarder.com/ TheBagHoarder

    Taylor is wearing a pear of real granny shoes here. Why?! She can do so much better.

  • AAAA

    Has anyone noticed how Taylor Swift always manages to buddy up with the IT young celebrity of the moment? This goes all the way back to when Miley Cyrus was popular and they were friends (there have been many others since then).

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I’ve seen that too

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