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  • Nice. I love the sparkly/crackly look on some of them.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I’m not normally a fan of Chanel (I have to admit, Karl’s persona puts me off) but the pink one with the contrasting strap detail is quite pretty. 

  • Marie Martell

    I don’t usually like pink, but the pink bags are very very pretty!

  • gpc

    I like the looks of them, but after seeing IRL, I was very disappointed with the quality and they are way over-priced.  Not even lined in leather – the interior was a cheap canvas, in my opinion. I’ll stick with my lambskin maxi flap…

  • Sandra Rowley

    I am going to pass…I want to carry my wallet, cosmetic case, sunglasses, etc…non of which will fit into this bag.

  • I may of just found a reason to like Chanel for the very first time.  These ARE NOT my grandmother’s bags. (I’m ignoring the two quilted bags – lol).   I believe I will be buying myself one as well.  My husband will be sooo thrilled to hear this news.  Thank you Amanda! :)

  • remyanne

    love the gunmetal hardware on some of them! <3

    • Dave

      Sounds good

  • Rashm_pa

    There are really nice, I wonder how much they retail.

  • monpetitsecret

    How much do they retail for? How do they compare to the classic flap? 

  • which one are u buying?

  • Willow Winterborn

    Love the Black & Gold crocodile one , yummmmy !!!

  • Rashida

    I prefer the look of the classic bags better… but they are nice…

  • I couldn’t agree with you more.  I was content to look at Chanel bag’s from afar but the new boy bags are gorgeous.  I want them all especially the pink ones with the crackled leather.  Wow simply gorgeous.  Of course I will never be able to afford one, but if I could you bet I would buy one the boy bags.

  • NailGurl

    via this is so cute. I am still trying to find out who the author of this blog is

    • Margie

       Wait does that pig have on the Chanel boy flap? that is just too cute! Out of all of the bags the pink one is somewhat nice. However, I am noticing that these Chanel bags have been a tad bit lack luster.

  • Sil G

    i don’t like quilt anything, except for Chanel
    and the boy chanel would definitely be my pick if i could afford one of these bags. are they as ridiculously expensive as i think they are?

  • Labels of Lust

    I want them all. Wrap them up and send them to Florida. Thanks.

  • Happyeverafter Bride

    I too am really liking the Pink bags. Am gonna start pestering the Husband for permission to buy.

  • Email

    how much is it? how do we order one? does anyone know?

  • I want the one with the embroidered strap, but I don’t see it here.

  • aPopofPurple

    thanks for this! I came across this post when I was searching for a selection of chanel boys – I am looking to buy one myself. Yay! Which one did you get eventually?

    xx, Jenn

  • Minniemaos

    They never disappoint me !!

  • Classic love

    Any one know where I can find metallic pink boy Chanel

  • wei

    good article

  • Cheryl

    How can I ordered . The red boy bag

  • Chanel flap bags

    It just in my dream

  • blueteapot

    I love the black stingray.

  • smartpurse

    Are all Le Boy bags made in Italy? I think they are made in France. Anyone knows about this?

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