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  • Propafly

    That Chanel portfolio is AMAZING!

  • Joshua

    I LOVE the little cell phone pouch cross-body bags!! The thin, braided chain strap is so beautiful! They are surely going to sell really well when this collection is released to be sold.

  • bananadelrey

    Those tall white socks are so 90′ looking, and the backpacks are very grunge feeling. But I like it though.

  • Michelle Lim

    How wrong is it to love them colors? It’s absolutely nutters, but I’m digging it. I will however be hating any kid who dares carry them though!

  • dxs

    Karl is GENIUS!!!

  • dxs

    Karl is Genius!!

  • Abbi

    ! BEST SPRING LINE OF 2013 !

  • Abbi

    ! BEST SPRING LINE OF 2013 !

  • boombadoo

    I wud say these are living the moments bag. Not a chanel

  • Clau

    This is one of the bests I’ve seen, I like almost everything

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